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Is it time to Go Virtual?

After a disappointing year of real race cancellations, don’t allow restrictions to get in the way of your events any longer.

Virtual races have become a real alternative in times of social distancing and restrictions, but they also remain an excellent option for mass engagement, charity fundraising, and even extending real race participation.

Our virtual race features make RaceBest the best place to manage your virtual event effortlessly. Alongside competitive and transparent pricing and a simple to use platform, we have everything you need to run a successful virtual event.

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What's new?

Having listened to our users we've made our virtual offering even better to enhance the experience for entrants and reduce the workload for organisers.

Virtual banners

We've made it easier to find virtual events. When selecting a virtual race type your event will be flagged with a ribbon across the banner image.

Set a race window

You can now set the start and finish for the participation window. Entrants can continue to enter right up until the end of your event.

Easy results collection

Use RaceBest’s results collector to collect times or distances from entrants by means of a unique link for them to submit their results.

Why Choose RaceBest For Your Virtual Event?

RaceBest is the ticketing platform for endurance sports, built by a small team of runners, event organisers and race timers. So we get what you need because we need it too!

  • Manage all your races and entrants from one place
  • Allow entrants to make charitable donations on sign up
  • No commitment or upfront fees
  • Bespoke race entry pages with banner images and simple URLs
  • Secure race organiser accounts giving you access to your current and future races
  • Flexible entry form design from basic to bespoke
  • Real-time collaboration to share the workload

How much does RaceBest cost?

50p + 5% of the entrant's payment.

Our prices are fully inclusive. They include all transaction charges and all services listed above; there are NO additional charges or hidden fees.

Entrant Pays
RaceBest Charges
Organiser Receives
£0 (Free to enter event)£0£0

How do I get started?

Create your virtual event in 5 minutes with RaceBest.

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Need anything else?

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Call 0330 441 0014 or email hello@racebest.com