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Spencers Dash 2024 Race 2 Entries

NameClubEntry Date
Amelia Cottam13 May 2024
Kian BallDenby Dale AC9 May 2024
Sarah GodbehereDenby Dale AC9 May 2024
Susan CharlesworthPenistone Footpath Runners & AC8 May 2024
Wayne SidebottomKingstone Runners Barnsley8 May 2024
Keith LittlewoodBarnsley AC7 May 2024
Dean GoodwinBarnsley Harriers7 May 2024
Alan BoydPontefract AC7 May 2024
Gavin BeardshallKingstone Runners Barnsley7 May 2024
Chris McnicholasBarnsley AC6 May 2024
Paul SmithAskern District RC6 May 2024
Rachel CookeAckworth Road Runners6 May 2024
Shaun CHARNLEYKingstone Runners Barnsley6 May 2024
Gavin WalkerBarnsley AC6 May 2024
Andrew NuutAckworth Road Runners6 May 2024
David ShepherdDewsbury Road Runners5 May 2024
Neville Marshall Ackworth Road Runners5 May 2024
Bailey RobinsonKingstone Runners Barnsley4 May 2024
Michael Dransfield3 May 2024
Steve McGuin3 May 2024
Stuart WoodheadPenistone Footpath Runners & AC2 May 2024
Connor Lindop2 May 2024
Lydia Kitchen2 May 2024
Lennon HughesBarnsley AC2 May 2024
Lois LopezPenistone Footpath Runners & AC1 May 2024
Ian CopleyBarnsley AC1 May 2024
Michael HartleyLonely Goat RC30 Apr 2024
Phillip TyasBarnsley Harriers28 Apr 2024
Ryan Copley Barnsley AC28 Apr 2024
Ian WraggPenistone Footpath Runners & AC28 Apr 2024
Barbara HaighPenistone Footpath Runners & AC28 Apr 2024
Denise PozorskiPenistone Footpath Runners & AC27 Apr 2024
Lisa ClarksonBarnsley Harriers26 Apr 2024
Andrew ByramDewsbury Road Runners25 Apr 2024
Ian Neville24 Apr 2024
Janette JacksonKingstone Runners Barnsley24 Apr 2024
Suzanne McgillPenistone Footpath Runners & AC22 Apr 2024
Will WardKingstone Runners Barnsley22 Apr 2024
James CharlesworthKingstone Runners Barnsley20 Apr 2024
David HughesAckworth Road Runners19 Apr 2024
Helen Marshall Kingstone Runners Barnsley18 Apr 2024
Naomi DrakefordBarnsley AC17 Apr 2024
Gareth CookeBarnsley AC17 Apr 2024
Marie Hemingway Kingstone Runners Barnsley17 Apr 2024
Ginger Flyer 16 Apr 2024
Samantha CrippsDewsbury Road Runners16 Apr 2024
Richard MackiePenistone Footpath Runners & AC16 Apr 2024
Lorraine MackiePenistone Footpath Runners & AC16 Apr 2024
Madeleine StansfieldDewsbury Road Runners15 Apr 2024
Steve Dommett Penistone Footpath Runners & AC14 Apr 2024
Dawn GreavesDewsbury Road Runners11 Apr 2024
Mark BlackburnDewsbury Road Runners11 Apr 2024
Trish KayeDewsbury Road Runners9 Apr 2024
Christopher DeaconPenistone Footpath Runners & AC7 Apr 2024
Paul Wallace6 Apr 2024
Sarah HalsteadPenistone Footpath Runners & AC5 Apr 2024
Fiona Marcantonio-JonesAckworth Road Runners4 Apr 2024
Oliver PikePenistone Footpath Runners & AC4 Apr 2024
Lydia RaceBarnsley AC2 Apr 2024
Mark Reynolds 2 Apr 2024
Jane ElliottTeam Manvers1 Apr 2024
Tracy Bridgett Ackworth Road Runners1 Apr 2024
Paul WheatleyBarnsley Harriers1 Apr 2024
Stefen RadykBarnsley AC29 Mar 2024
Lucy Berry29 Mar 2024
Charlie SkipperBarnsley AC29 Mar 2024
Sue FrancisAckworth Road Runners28 Mar 2024
Ben StittleSteel City Striders RC28 Mar 2024
Dave LeeDenby Dale AC27 Mar 2024
Shaun Swallow Penistone Footpath Runners & AC27 Mar 2024
Anna GaughanBarnsley Harriers25 Mar 2024
Ian MicklethwaiteKingstone Runners Barnsley25 Mar 2024
Michael WalshPenistone Footpath Runners & AC25 Mar 2024
Isla GuyAckworth Road Runners24 Mar 2024
Gemma Lund-AshbyAckworth Road Runners24 Mar 2024
Christina Scott Kingstone Runners Barnsley23 Mar 2024
Doug ScottKingstone Runners Barnsley23 Mar 2024
John SpencerPenistone Footpath Runners & AC20 Mar 2024
Luke McGuinnessPenistone Footpath Runners & AC19 Mar 2024
Jill ScrivensPenistone Footpath Runners & AC19 Mar 2024
Simon GleadhallSteel City Striders RC18 Mar 2024
Joanne BurkeAckworth Road Runners17 Mar 2024
Richard BurkeAckworth Road Runners17 Mar 2024
Debbie Worthington Ackworth Road Runners17 Mar 2024
Joe Worthington Ackworth Road Runners17 Mar 2024
Rose JamesAckworth Road Runners17 Mar 2024
Mark WebsterAckworth Road Runners17 Mar 2024
Steven RobertsAckworth Road Runners16 Mar 2024
Julie RobertsAckworth Road Runners16 Mar 2024
Diane Nicholson 16 Mar 2024
Paul WatsonSpenborough & District AC16 Mar 2024
Beverley Clarkson 15 Mar 2024
Steve FrithBarnsley Harriers14 Mar 2024
Anita BaileyBarnsley Harriers14 Mar 2024
Julie ButtonPenistone Footpath Runners & AC12 Mar 2024
Scott Hinchcliffe Barnsley AC11 Mar 2024
Will HorobinAckworth Road Runners11 Mar 2024
Darren HorobinAckworth Road Runners11 Mar 2024
Andy Hinchliffe Steel City Striders RC9 Mar 2024
Samantha JonesKingstone Runners Barnsley9 Mar 2024
Steven JonesKingstone Runners Barnsley9 Mar 2024
Adam LavelleBarnsley AC9 Mar 2024
Andrew SmithAckworth Road Runners9 Mar 2024
Helen MorganAckworth Road Runners6 Mar 2024
David LancasterCity of York AC5 Mar 2024
Paul FarrellAckworth Road Runners5 Mar 2024
Mark HullAckworth Road Runners5 Mar 2024
Dave Allemby Kingstone Runners Barnsley5 Mar 2024
Nicolas DaudetAckworth Road Runners5 Mar 2024
Liam SaddlerAckworth Road Runners5 Mar 2024
Bill WinderAckworth Road Runners5 Mar 2024
Tammy GainesAckworth Road Runners5 Mar 2024
James DaveyAckworth Road Runners5 Mar 2024
Nat StoneAckworth Road Runners4 Mar 2024
Sophie FalkinerAckworth Road Runners4 Mar 2024
Liane WarrenAckworth Road Runners4 Mar 2024
Terry MottramAckworth Road Runners4 Mar 2024
Catherine AllanAckworth Road Runners4 Mar 2024
Tracy Rawnsley4 Mar 2024
Mark RawnsleyBarnsley Harriers4 Mar 2024
Wendy BerryAckworth Road Runners4 Mar 2024
Stephen BerryAckworth Road Runners4 Mar 2024
Eleanor BakerBarnsley AC3 Mar 2024
Paula NewtonKingstone Runners Barnsley3 Mar 2024
Jill JohnsonKingstone Runners Barnsley3 Mar 2024
Stu SmithPenistone Footpath Runners & AC3 Mar 2024
Laura BennettBarnsley Harriers3 Mar 2024
Elizabeth ExleyBarnsley Harriers3 Mar 2024
Deborah Dearden Barnsley Harriers3 Mar 2024
Christina LakingBarnsley AC3 Mar 2024
Stephen BurnleyBarnsley Harriers3 Mar 2024
Sue HallPenistone Footpath Runners & AC3 Mar 2024
Bridget CoomberDenby Dale AC3 Mar 2024
David HanksBarnsley Harriers2 Mar 2024
Gemma ThickettBarnsley AC2 Mar 2024
Vicky ShawBarnsley AC2 Mar 2024
Lee SpensleyBarnsley AC2 Mar 2024
Deborah WilsonBarnsley Harriers1 Mar 2024
Janice HookhamAckworth Road Runners1 Mar 2024
Ian HookhamAckworth Road Runners1 Mar 2024
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