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DTS 2022 - The Riverside 5k - Run 5 Results

If you have any questions about these results then please contact the race organiser.

116Colin Taylor18:13
237Andy Charfield18:28
320Dylan Wilson18:34
423Paul Dalton18:40
526Paul Ellis19:29
625Harry Wilson20:37
727Kenny Johnson21:52
821Kevin Wilson21:57
928Daisy Johnson22:07
105John Holliday22:08
1133Harriette Harrison22:36
1230Daniel Tatham23:19
1310Alister Robson23:30
142Ian Burgess24:33
1522Sarah Wilson25:02
1636Jayne Rudd25:22
1719Claire Wilkinson26:00
186Martin Luxton26:03
1913David Stothard26:11
203Niall Cheyne26:29
2131Claire Weighell27:29
221Katie Ayton28:32
2317Chloe Turner28:48
2412Julia Spittle29:17
2524Roger Brisley30:10
2615Jane Taylor30:21
2735Allison Whiteley30:23
2814Louise Taylor31:02
2938Ben Pegman31:24
3032Jackie Bennett32:49
3118Martin Weathrill32:59
327Donna McKnight33:45
3311Corinna Russell34:44
348Tracey Pickering34:49
3534Andy Brook34:50
369Cliff Pickering35:11
3729Janet Waite44:05

Organised by

11 Dunelm Walk
County Durham

Darryn Wood