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NEP Druids Temple Running Workshop Results

If you have any questions about these results then please contact the race organiser.

1Louis Bloomfield0
2Tamsin Graham0
3David Bentley0
4William Retchless0
5Gemma Reay0
6Mandy Harker0
7Zoe Walls0
8Lewis Bourner0
9Mark Poole0
10Victoria Croxford0
11Jenny Beadnall0
12Steven Taarland0
13Anita Savage Grainge0
14Samantha Griffiths0
15Noel O'Donnell0
16Adam Swales0
17Rachael Swales0
18Greg Killingley0
19Dodds Paul0
20Stella Hudson0
21Helen Hall0
22Mike Jefferies0
23Deb Jefferies0
24Stella Hudson0
25Amanda Waller0
26Simon Jonson0
27Jane McLoughlin0

Organised by

Kieran Walker