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Wetherby 10k - The Virtual Edition (For Charity)  Results

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Pos.PositionBib NameNameAffiliated Club TimeTimeShare
11Daniel JamesCleethorpes and District AC00:33:39
22Paul MillgateWetherby Runners AC00:35:12
33Daniel LinstrumWetherby Runners AC00:35:55
44Douglas ScottRipon Runners00:37:31
55Emily LeggWetherby Runners AC00:38:48
66Nils LinstrumWetherby Runners AC00:39:47
77Paul ElwellKenilworth Runners00:39:57
88Iain Edmondson00:40:04
99Joseph KwallahWetherby Runners AC00:40:43
1010James KimberleyWetherby Runners AC00:41:59
1111Pip StorrarWetherby Runners AC00:42:56
1212Ian LeggWetherby Runners AC00:44:58
1313Iain AndrewsWetherby Runners AC00:45:25
1414David HubyWetherby Runners AC00:45:41
1515Geoff LodgeWetherby Runners AC00:46:18
1616Alex BradburyWetherby Runners AC00:46:20
1717Richard BewellWetherby Runners AC00:46:24
1818Kevin MoseleyRothwell Harriers & AC00:46:44
1919Gill EdmondsonWetherby Runners AC00:47:03
2020Rob BullenWetherby Runners AC00:47:04
2121Paul WindleWetherby Runners AC00:47:04
2222Scott StonebridgeWetherby Runners AC00:47:08
2323Peter RymillWetherby Runners AC00:47:14
2424Jenny DuttonWetherby Runners AC00:47:24
2525Helen TurnerPenistone Footpath Runners & AC00:48:15
2626Robin CrewesLonely Goat RC00:49:09
2727Tim TunnardWetherby Runners AC00:49:10
2828Oliver Cook00:49:27
2929Lauren EadonWetherby Runners AC00:49:47
3030Adam JohnsonDragons Running Club (Leeds)00:49:55
3131May MehdiWetherby Runners AC00:51:16
3232David NieldLonely Goat RC00:51:32
3333Simon RobertsonWetherby Runners AC00:51:33
3434Amanda BrittonWetherby Runners AC00:52:01
3535Chris PlewsWetherby Runners AC00:52:09
3636Valerie BellWetherby Runners AC00:52:19
3737Erica Bramhall00:53:04
3838Jack Hodgson00:53:06
3939Nicky AndrewsWetherby Runners AC00:53:35
4040Ray Schofield00:53:40
4141Steven PaineWetherby Runners AC00:53:45
4242Sara Gilmore00:54:52
4343Ann FosterWetherby Runners AC00:55:15
4444Richard BellWetherby Runners AC00:55:19
4545Martin Buck00:55:27
4646John Field00:55:30
4747Ann ChiversRoundhay Runners00:55:42
4848Graihagh TurnerPenistone Footpath Runners & AC00:56:24
4949Ursula McGouranOtley AC00:56:35
5050Louise JohnsonDragons Running Club (Leeds)00:57:00
5151Peter AllanachWetherby Runners AC00:57:04
5252Edward Minshull00:57:06
5353Debra WheelerWetherby Runners AC00:57:27
5454Clare BradburyWetherby Runners AC00:58:20
5555Alex RyanDragons Running Club (Leeds)00:58:41
5656Kathleen PickardKnaresborough Striders00:58:56
5757Andy LaverickHarrogate Harriers & AC00:59:16
5858Ted BrachtWetherby Runners AC00:59:52
5959Hannah Voss01:00:25
6060Jennifer LeggWetherby Runners AC01:00:28
6161Gillian FoxWetherby Runners AC01:00:31
6262Madeleine DelucchiOtley AC01:00:46
6363Mark FosterWetherby Runners AC01:01:33
6464Jo JohnsonWetherby Runners AC01:02:53
6565Fiona KnaptonWetherby Runners AC01:02:57
6666Leo Knapton01:02:58
6767Andrea BowenWetherby Runners AC01:03:46
6868Caroline LawtonDragons Running Club (Leeds)01:04:52
6969Paul TomlinsonDragons Running Club (Leeds)01:05:11
7070Charlotte BriggsDragons Running Club (Leeds)01:05:18
7171Helen ForemanWetherby Runners AC01:06:00
7272Melanie CallaghanWetherby Runners AC01:06:42
7373Michael Robins01:07:46
7474Louise JohnsonDragons Running Club (Leeds)01:07:57
7575Ken CreekDragons Running Club (Leeds)01:08:16
7676Adele Robins01:08:58
7777Mary Legg01:09:00
7878Paul Holmes01:09:40
7979Lesley MansonWetherby Runners AC01:10:44
8080Victoria MagnusWetherby Runners AC01:10:51
8181Judy BewellWetherby Runners AC01:11:00
8282Joanna ParascandoloWetherby Runners AC01:11:36
8383Catherine Osborn01:13:23
8484Liz MartinWetherby Runners AC01:13:41
8585Kay RhodesWetherby Runners AC01:13:41
8686Jennie KettlewellScarborough Athletic Club01:14:24
8787Janice WhiteleyRothwell Harriers & AC01:16:17
8888Fiona RobinsonNidd Valley Road Runners01:29:12
8989Kazia Knight01:33:13
9090Emily Grange02:20:00

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