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2021 Inkberrow Relay Sponsored by Hills Ford Results

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Pos.NameTeam TypeTeam NumberLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4TimeShare
1I thought this was a pub crawlMale8Andy Lawrence (17m 9s)Rob West (19m 18s)Mike Cowley (17m 48s)Paul West (18m 34s)01:12:49
2Droitvern JoggersMixed17Shaun Green (18m 32s)Nicki Juniper (18m 56s)Ben Toon (18m 27s)Nigel Dexter (18m 8s)01:14:03
3WAC Junior MenMale10Linus Burnage (18m 14s)Noah Dunnett (18m 33s)Josias Ashby (19m 1s)Tirian Ashby (19m 31s)01:15:19
4The HelmetsMale16Simon Lanckham (17m 36s)Dean Hartshorne (19m 10s)Dave Kesterton (18m 36s)Kevin Lanckham (20m 32s)01:15:54
5Dust Runners (Mixed Team Trophy)Mixed32Malachi Cashmore (15m 53s)Aoibh Clarke (21m 49s)Alison Hitchings (23m 38s)Paul Childs (17m 3s)01:18:23
6TTC and FriendsMixed30Jane Harris (22m 8s)Elizabeth Dawson (23m 15s)Mark Whyman (19m 27s)Tom Radley (16m 36s)01:21:26
7WAC Junior Ladies (Women’s Trophy)Female9Evie Hawkesford-Johnson (20m 29s)Poppy Elton (20m 12s)Alice Lazenbury (22m 28s)Lilia Mico (20m 9s)01:23:18
8Scrambled legsMixed11Calum Peterson (19m 42s)Sarah Hill (20m 5s)Emma Haden (24m 17s)Calum Peterson (20m 37s)01:24:41
9SORE TO THE FINISHMale39William Hill (22m 19s)Phill Scott (19m 22s)William Hill (24m 23s)Phill Scott (19m 58s)01:26:02
10Station StrollersMale6Richard Southgate (21m 55s)Gary Phillips (20m 5s)Nick Richards (22m 37s)Curtis Fudge (22m 1s)01:26:38
11EVRC EveshamblesMixed35James Seabrook (22m 54s)Michelle Baylis-Edkins (22m 58s)Jason Ballinger (21m 41s)Scott Withey (19m 38s)01:27:11
12Jarman PoundMixed5Owen Jarman (19m 55s)Ruby Jarman (22m 20s)Emma Pound (22m 28s)David Pound (22m 42s)01:27:25
13EVRC Team RapidMale24Richard Grove (21m 45s)Ian Davies (23m 0s)Phil Cashman (24m 54s)Alan Munro (19m 21s)01:29:00
14Hell bent forMixed34Katie Leather (22m 30s)David Leather (21m 47s)Katie Leather (24m 14s)Sam Leather (20m 42s)01:29:13
15Long Walk DentMixed3Steve Longley (25m 56s)Ally Walker (22m 54s)Natasha Dent (21m 24s)Chris Dent (19m 6s)01:29:20
16EVRC Ink BlottersMixed27James Banner (20m 46s)Michael Fryer (22m 58s)Vanessa Eagland (23m 28s)Aly Grout (22m 30s)01:29:42
17Thursday's Child Has Far to Go!Mixed31Nicola Tyler (23m 42s)Dominique Childs (23m 57s)Ian Walker (21m 47s)Alan Southwick (20m 44s)01:30:10
18EVRC Harriet's HarriersMixed22Gary Miles (23m 9s)Harriet Saker (24m 11s)David Whitehouse (23m 11s)Steve Sandalls (20m 34s)01:31:05
19RAWMixed1Chris Reed (22m 9s)Rachel Reed (24m 7s)Lesley Ashton (26m 42s)Neil Warne (18m 53s)01:31:51
20Crowle Stars 2 (Junior Trophy)Mixed15Will Alchin (22m 48s)Lucy Tebbett (21m 4s)Molly Lazenbury (26m 17s)Oliver Cameron (21m 52s)01:32:01
21EVRC So, Sally Can't WaitMixed23Adrian Barradell (28m 46s)Sally Witheford (24m 21s)Daren Steward (20m 26s)Stew Reading (18m 29s)01:32:02
22Starting lateMale38Ed Littleboy (21m 41s)Toby Alliband. (19m 14s)Steve Neal. (27m 23s)John Alliband. (24m 30s)01:32:48
23EVRC Fryer's FlyersMixed25Bob Pope (20m 54s)Jude Fryer (24m 58s)Jill Moore (21m 47s)Selena Sweeney (25m 25s)01:33:04
24The QBDsMale14Bill James (21m 49s)Shaun Mooney (23m 42s)Bill James (23m 32s)Shaun Mooney (24m 29s)01:33:32
25EVRC Bang average squadMale37Jay Buttler (23m 32s)Sean Valentine (24m 28s)Mark Edwards (23m 9s)Kevin Price-ward (24m 9s)01:35:18
26Evesham Vale TriathletesMixed13Graeme Beamish (22m 2s)Lou Bugg (30m 24s)Martha Cross (28m 58s)Marcus Mumford (17m 53s)01:39:17
27Sole MatesFemale20Sharon Lockley (25m 53s)Vicky Gabb (24m 53s)Sarah Dennis (25m 46s)Sue Baldwin (24m 7s)01:40:39
28Team no pressureMixed12Guy Ledger (26m 26s)Jess Smith (28m 26s)Ben Hart (28m 7s)Angus Walker (21m 30s)01:44:29
29Redditch STARS Ladies and The HanksMixed19Sonia Stockwin (26m 20s)Karl Hanks (26m 59s)Kate Brazier (27m 29s)Sharon Ledbrook (25m 41s)01:46:29
30Snailed It AgainMixed36Oliver Wright Jones (22m 16s)Douglas Street (19m 57s)Elaine Kirman (39m 27s)Andy Warrener (25m 34s)01:47:14
31Pizza 48 (Inkberrow Trophy)Mixed2Alice Dankenbring (23m 15s)Karen Blick (30m 11s)Liz Lees (28m 5s)Andy Lees (25m 46s)01:47:17
32School RunningsMixed7Debbie Band (31m 21s)Claire Gent (27m 7s)Laura Free (29m 11s)Andy Leigh (20m 4s)01:47:43
33The CrawliesMixed29Sarah Handley (25m 17s)Brett Williams (30m 8s)Donna Kennedy (28m 7s)Louise Skilling (25m 54s)01:49:26
34EVRC Your Pace or Mine?Mixed26Fliss Reading (36m 25s)Dan Udell (24m 43s)Barry Cooper (27m 44s)James Milsom (23m 51s)01:52:43
35Matt's MarathonersMale33Ed Lawson (28m 46s)Liam Gleed (31m 11s)Ethan Harper (26m 36s)Matt Hill (26m 12s)01:52:45
36Woods ParkrunnersMixed4Mark Richards (26m 29s)Andrea Longley (30m 17s)Sarah Richards (30m 53s)Anya Lees (28m 41s)01:56:20
37EVRC Sole SistersFemale21Niki Speake (27m 21s)Hannah Rees (25m 32s)Beverley Ridley (30m 15s)Celia Barradell (34m 14s)01:57:22
38Slow starsMixed18Fiona Kendall (29m 45s)Graham Maskell (31m 45s)Melba Jones (32m 9s)Steve Taggart (26m 30s)02:00:09
39Relay the LeewayMixed28Bob Lee (23m 46s)Sharon Lee (33m 2s)Annie Lee (40m 1s)Bill Lee (23m 59s)02:00:48

Organised by

Noel Fowler