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Nemesis Infinity 2019 Results

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Pos.BibNameLapsTotal Distance MilesNotesTime HrsShare
199Peter Clark2332.21st male6
299Barry Maddison2230.82nd joint male6
399Nick Stubbs2230.82nd joint male6
499Danny Dixon2129.43rd male6
599Andrew Marshall20286
699Debbie Trafford20281st lady6
799Antony Birks1926.66
899Jo Barrett1926.62nd lady6
999Tracy Vernon1825.23rd lady6
1099Rod Collier1723.86
1199Craig Atkinson1622.46
1299Richard Coates1622.46
1399Tim Waudby1622.46
1499James Campbell15216
1599Sarah Herbert15216
1699Marie Briggs1318.26
1799Andrea Matson10146
1899Tony Heap10141st relay6
1999Heather Heap912.61st relay6
2099Fiona Dixon811.26
2199Karen Dove811.26
2299Nathan Marshall1216.81st junior4
2399Martha Campbell34.22

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