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Golden Acre Junior Relay 2022 Results

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Pos.NameTeamLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3CategoryGun TimeShare
1Skyrac AC1706:5607:3207:00Older Girls21:28
2Skipton Junior Mixed 11007:1607:2807:07Older Mixed21:51
3Top Team Cruising2007:1207:3307:10Older Boys21:55
4V S Older Mixed 12707:0408:2506:57Older Mixed22:26
5City Of York Girls407:1007:3107:56Older Girls22:37
6V S Older Boys 12107:1307:5507:49Older Boys22:57
7Skipton Junior Mixed 21108:0307:4507:32Older Boys23:20
8Rapid Sprinting Torpedoes907:3507:5507:59Older Boys23:29
9V S Younger Boys 13008:0608:0907:37Younger Boys23:52
10Brilliant Ladies Overhere307:4308:5107:31Older Girls24:05
11City Of York Younger Boys507:3608:3008:25Younger Boys24:31
12Otley AC808:1508:1807:58Older Girls24:31
13V S Older Girls 12408:2708:4107:26Older Girls24:34
14V S Younger Boys 43308:3408:1907:52Younger Boys24:45
15Skipton Junior Year 5 Girls 11407:0909:1508:30Older Girls24:54
16Speed Queens1908:0608:3308:27Older Girls25:06
17V S Younger Boys 23108:5207:4208:42Younger Boys25:16
18V S Older Boys 32308:4608:2108:24Older Boys25:31
19Vale Of York AC Juniors3908:3508:1708:49Older Mixed25:41
20V S Younger Girls 33708:0509:1408:25Younger Girls25:44
21Keep Inspiring Ourselves608:4009:0308:04Older Boys25:47
22V S Younger Boys 53408:1508:5508:49Younger Boys25:59
23V S Younger Boys 33208:4608:4608:29Younger Boys26:01
24V S Older Boys 22208:2309:0408:35Older Boys26:02
25V S Older Girls 42608:2809:0108:34Older Girls26:03
26V S Older Girls 32508:5809:0808:22Older Girls26:28
27The Mentos4009:2309:0908:22Older Girls26:54
28Skipton Junior Year 4 Girls 11308:4608:5209:23Younger Girls27:01
29V S Older Mixed 22808:3109:4009:03Older Girls27:14
30Abbey Boys Do It108:5508:4509:44Younger Boys27:24
31V S Younger Girls 13510:4508:4209:07Older Girls28:34
32Abbeys Mean Business209:3009:5809:06Older Mixed28:34
33Mighty Incredible Effort709:4809:2010:45Younger Girls29:53
34Skipton Junior Year 4 Boys1209:5110:2709:39Younger Boys29:57
35V S Younger Girls 23609:4709:3810:34Younger Girls29:59
36V S Younger Girls 43812:0809:4109:37Younger Girls31:26
37Skipton Junior Younger Girls 21609:5112:1411:02Younger Girls33:07

Organised by

Mark Hetherington
07753 614624