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Sheffield 2020 Santa Ho Ho Glow! Fun Run/Walk  Results

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DNF630Craig Rookledge00:00:00
DNF631Neil Rookledge00:00:00
DNF632Ian Padgett00:00:00
DNF633Dane Foster00:00:00
DNF634Kerry Turner00:00:00
DNF641Laura Muse00:00:00
DNF642Dan Tully00:00:00
DNF643Jennifer Fraser00:00:00
DNF661Neng Xiong00:00:00
DNF663Deborah Bilton00:00:00
5th (5km 11:00am)428Gemma Williamson00:26:42
1st (5km 11:00am)410Terry Moynihan00:18:16
2nd (5km 11:00am)672James Roberts00:18:33
DNF670Jodie Bennett00:00:00
1st (10km 5:00pm)632Connor McMillen00:38:51
1st (10km 2:00pm)438Terry Moynihan00:38:09
2nd (10km 2:00pm)655Tom Halloway00:38:10
3rd (5km 11:00am)401Ben Brown00:22:45
4th (5km 11:00am)404Cara Hanson00:22:54
6th (5km 11:00am)403Dean Gregory00:27:42
DNF673Aleksander Potyrala00:00:00
7th (5km 11:00am)662Rebecca Picton00:28:31
6th (5km 11:00am)427Luis Walton00:28:28
8th (5km 11:00am)424Laura Walker00:29:17
1st (5km 5:00pm)671Ashley Crawford00:18:25
2nd (5km 5:00pm)604Shane Marks00:21:54
3rd (5km 5:00pm)605Isabel Marks00:24:32
4th (5km 5:00pm)607Chris Smith00:25:40
1st (5km 2:00pm)875Richard Hayes00:17:09
2nd (5km 2:00pm)675Leo Tsang00:17:46
11th (5km 11:00am)640Matthew Roberts00:30:25
1st (10km 11:00am)653Terry Forrest00:35:05
2nd (10km 5:00pm)624Michael Pearson00:39:50
3rd (5km 2:00pm)869Peter Brash00:24:02
4th (5km 2:00pm)871Isaac Smith00:25:03
5th (5km 2:00pm)867Oscar Temple00:25:04
6th (5km 2:00pm)665Callum Doherty00:25:53
2nd (10km 11:00am)655Tom Halloway00:40:05
3rd (10km 11:00am)635Martin Slack00:40:21
3rd (10km 2:00pm)436Sam Jokhi00:50:25
4th (10km 2:00pm)434Roobin Jokhi00:54:39
5th (10km 2:00pm)435Vicky Goodhall00:55:25
6th (10km 2:00pm)432Rachel Jokhi00:56:18
6th (10km 2:00pm)433Steve Parker00:56:18
4th (10km 11:00am)659Andrew Hallam00:46:05
5th (10km 11:00am)637Joe Doughty00:46:18
9th (5km 11:00am)423Simon Walker00:29:22
10th (5km 11:00am)402Sara Copp00:29:49
6th (10km 11:00am)660Michael Rodgers00:47:16
7th (10km 11:00am)648Sharon Williams00:48:58
8th (10km 11:00am)647Rebecca Stocks00:49:02
3rd (10km 5:00pm)622Louise O'Marr00:53:27
9th (10km 11:00am)636Jon Doughty00:49:40
12th (5km 11:00am)406Adele Harrington00:36:23
5th (5km 5:00pm)606Tina Bridges00:28:15
13th (5km 11:00am)411Teresa Norkowska00:36:23
3rd (10km 5:00pm)623Rebecca Greenwood00:53:27
14th (5km 11:00am)405Jacob Harrington00:40:12
4th (10km 5:00pm)641Ian McMillen00:55:44
5th (10km 5:00pm)625Siobhan Doyle00:59:40
15th (5km 11:am)421Zak Storey00:42:41
7th (5km 2:00pm)667Riley Doherty00:31:17
8th (5km 2:00pm)674Yin Qi Qi00:34:15
9th (5km 2:00pm)866Angela Temple00:34:50
15th (5km 11:am)422Nic Storey00:42:41
16th (5km 11:am)420Charlotte Sinclair00:42:51
17th (5km 11:00am)414Ivy Pearson00:46:45
18th (5km 11:00am)415Gillian Pearson00:46:50
19th (5km 11:00am)413Vinnie Pearson00:46:56
20th (5km 11:00am)407Rachael Howard00:49:08
21st (5km 11:00am)419Michelle Simpson00:49:09
10th (10km 11:00am)651Alex Fraser00:50:42
22nd (5km 11:00am)416Sarah Percival/Bannister00:54:16
11th (10km 11:00am)650Paul Hanton00:51:20
DNF408Lorraine Marrison00:00:00
7th (10km 2:00pm)437Jeanine Hall00:57:12
DNF409Keisha Marrison00:00:00
DNF412Gret Norton00:00:00
6th (5km 5:00pm)608Annabelle James00:33:57
6th (5km 5:00pm)609John Grove00:33:57
6th (5km 5:00pm)610Susan Grove00:33:57
12th (10km 11:00am)649Wendy Jebson00:51:21
13th (10km 11:00am)638George Doughty00:52:17
14th (10km 11:00am)645Karen O'Malley00:53:32
DNF417Tara Petch00:00:00
15th (10km 11:00am)644Hayley Brown00:54:10
DNF418Matt Roberts00:00:00
16th (10km 11:00am)652Dawn Jackson00:55:35
17th (10km 11:00am)658Maggie Vickers00:56:21
18th (10km 11:00am)646David Stocks00:56:53
8th (10km 2:00pm)430Rachel Burt00:58:44
19th (10km 11:00am)657Suzanne Fennell00:57:03
20th (10km 11:00am)639Kevin Brown00:58:55
DNF425Diana Walker00:00:00
21st (10km 11:00am)656Kevin Roughton01:06:47
6th (10km 5:00pm)626Sam Doyle00:59:47
7th (5km 5:00pm)603Wendy Marks00:34:18
7th (5km 11:00am)426Brett Walton00:28:31
10th (5km 2:00pm)872Kaysie Devoto00:38:30
11th (5km 2:00pm)873Rhylie Devoto00:38:31
11th (5km 2:00pm)874Nadine Devoto00:38:31
22nd (10km 11:00am)654Debra Cassar01:09:54
Last (5km 11:00am)429Terry Forrest00:17:53
TBC877Helen Royles-Jones00:48:55
12th (5km 2:00pm)664Paul Doherty00:56:10
13th (5km 2:00pm)868Caroline Brash00:58:40
13th (5km 2:00pm)870Olivia Smith00:58:40
9th (10km 2:00pm)431Ollie Burt00:58:45
8th (5km 5:00pm)662Andrea McMillen00:55:45
7th (10km 5:00pm)620Rebecca Williams01:03:00
7th (10km 5:00pm)621Emma Wicks01:03:00

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Mel Wilkinson
07710 260240