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Wednesday Night Track (Jan) - 2 mile and 1 mile Results

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Pos.NameClubSexBib NumberEventTimeShare
1Joe FirthTadcaster HarriersM3561 Mile00:04:34
2Joshua BirdBarnsley ACM1521 Mile00:04:53
3Gareth CookeBarnsley ACM1691 Mile00:04:53
4Samuel ParryRothwell Harriers & ACM3551 Mile00:05:03
5Jack BellamyBarnsley ACM1921 Mile00:05:13
6Seth KirbySteel City Striders RCM1721 Mile00:05:16
7Gavin FeltonBarnsley AC / Spectrum StridersM2581 Mile00:05:27
8Angus ThomsonBarnsley HarriersM3601 Mile00:05:28
9Naomi DrakefordBarnsley ACF1711 Mile00:05:32
10Richard HayesStocksbridge Running ClubM1771 Mile00:05:34
11Liam MeggittTeam ManversM3011 Mile00:05:36
12Jon WilsonBarton & District ACM1911 Mile00:05:40
13Lydia RaceBarnsley ACF1801 Mile00:05:45
14Phillip TyasBarnsley HarriersM1951 Mile00:05:46
15Oliver PikePenistone Footpath Runners & ACM1981 Mile00:05:47
16David O'ConnorSelby StridersM2651 Mile00:05:54
17Samuel GagenKimberworth StridersM2591 Mile00:05:57
18Richard HarrisonSelby StridersM1901 Mile00:06:08
19Andrew PickDanum Harriers Running ClubM1861 Mile00:06:08
20Mike JacksonTadcaster HarriersM1851 Mile00:06:09
21Lisa ClarksonBarnsley HarriersF1961 Mile00:06:15
22Colin EarlKimberworth StridersM2611 Mile00:06:18
23James WaltersKingstone Runners BarnsleyM1871 Mile00:06:27
24Christina LakingBarnsley ACF1761 Mile00:06:32
25Niamh EvansBarnsley ACF2711 Mile00:06:34
26Thomas LawcockHillsborough & Rivelin RCM3031 Mile00:06:35
27Gemma ThickettBarnsley ACF3041 Mile00:06:38
28Mick CaseyWolds Veteran RCM2631 Mile00:06:50
29Joanne RooneyKimberworth StridersF1781 Mile00:07:00
30Lee WeatherallKimberworth StridersM1841 Mile00:07:08
31Tina MedlockKimberworth StridersF1881 Mile00:07:16
32Patrick RooneyKimberworth StridersM1791 Mile00:07:16
33Kevin ManleyBarnsley ACM1831 Mile00:07:27
34Dave AllembyKingstone Runners BarnsleyM1821 Mile00:08:05
1Kai SunmanHolmfirth Harriers ACM1732 Mile00:09:47
2Joshua BirdBarnsley ACM1522 Mile00:10:06
3Gareth CookeBarnsley ACM1692 Mile00:10:09
4Seth KirbySteel City Striders RCM1722 Mile00:10:46
5Jack BellamyBarnsley ACM1922 Mile00:11:03
6Ruby SykesHolmfirth Harriers ACF1742 Mile00:11:06
7James MumfordPenistone Footpath Runners & ACM2642 Mile00:11:23
8Naomi DrakefordBarnsley ACF1712 Mile00:11:24
9Richard HayesStocksbridge Running ClubM1772 Mile00:11:29
10Liam MeggittTeam ManversM3012 Mile00:11:35
11Lydia RaceBarnsley ACF1802 Mile00:11:49
12Jon WilsonBarton & District ACM1912 Mile00:11:52
13Oliver PikePenistone Footpath Runners & ACM1982 Mile00:12:01
14Phillip TyasBarnsley HarriersM1952 Mile00:12:13
15Samuel GagenKimberworth StridersM2592 Mile00:12:17
16David O'ConnorSelby StridersM2652 Mile00:12:18
17Richard HarrisonSelby StridersM1902 Mile00:12:22
18Mike JacksonTadcaster HarriersM1852 Mile00:12:36
19Yasmine ChafferSteel City Striders RCF1942 Mile00:12:37
20Harrison FordhamM2702 Mile00:12:37
21Lisa ClarksonBarnsley HarriersF1962 Mile00:12:46
22Colin EarlKimberworth StridersM2612 Mile00:12:57
23Christina LakingBarnsley ACF1762 Mile00:13:22
24Gemma ThickettBarnsley ACF3042 Mile00:13:35
25James WaltersKingstone Runners BarnsleyM1872 Mile00:13:49
26Mick CaseyWolds Veteran RCM2632 Mile00:13:54
27Thomas LawcockHillsborough & Rivelin RCM3032 Mile00:13:59
28Joanne RooneyKimberworth StridersF1782 Mile00:14:04
29Lee WeatherallKimberworth StridersM1842 Mile00:14:52
30Patrick RooneyKimberworth StridersM1792 Mile00:14:54
31Kevin ManleyBarnsley ACM1832 Mile00:15:08
32Lauren CorcoranKimberworth StridersF1892 Mile00:15:33
33Samantha WeatherallKimberworth StridersF1932 Mile00:15:33
34Dave AllembyKingstone Runners BarnsleyM1822 Mile00:16:23
35Rod ScholesBarnsley ACM1812 Mile00:16:42
36Graham PlattsKimberworth StridersM1702 Mile00:17:00
1Thomas LakingM175400m00:01:33

Organised by

Gareth Cooke