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Denby Dash Junior Races 2023 Results

If you have any questions about these results then please contact the race organiser.

120Kian BallDenby Dale ACPirate Ship ChallengeU16B13:38
23Henry McFarlaneHolmfirth Harriers ACPirate Ship ChallengeU11B14:10
310Flynn RogersPenistone Footpath Runners & ACPirate Ship ChallengeU16B14:46
42Annabelle McFarlaneHolmfirth Harriers ACPirate Ship ChallengeU13G15:04
532Oliver WilsonHolmfirth Harriers ACPirate Ship ChallengeU16B15:24
611Sylvie EllisDenby Dale ACPirate Ship ChallengeU16G15:24
721Charles HardyDenby Dale ACPirate Ship ChallengeU11B15:31
87William O'HarePirate Ship ChallengeU11B15:47
928Monty HallamPirate Ship ChallengeU11B15:57
1013Eleanor WalkerDenby Dale ACPirate Ship ChallengeU16G15:57
1138Hael WatermanHolmfirth Harriers ACPirate Ship ChallengeU16B16:25
1231Ben WilsonHolmfirth Harriers ACPirate Ship ChallengeU11B16:39
1330Alexander WrightPenistone Footpath Runners & ACPirate Ship ChallengeU13B16:40
1416Olivia HarrowellPirate Ship ChallengeU13G16:55
154Florence GibbsHolmfirth Harriers ACPirate Ship ChallengeU13G16:56
1633James SutcliffeHalifax Harriers & ACPirate Ship ChallengeU11B17:09
179Martha BownPirate Ship ChallengeU16G17:11
1825Osariemen OsaweDenby Dale ACPirate Ship ChallengeU11G17:17
1922Bethan MorrisHolmfirth Harriers ACPirate Ship ChallengeU13G17:28
2029Riley MoxonHolmfirth Harriers ACPirate Ship ChallengeU11B17:50
2127Harry BloomfieldPirate Ship ChallengeU16B17:57
2224Enoma OsaweDenby Dale ACPirate Ship ChallengeU13B18:05
2312Zach EllisDenby Dale ACPirate Ship ChallengeU16B18:06
245Arthur GibbsHolmfirth Harriers ACPirate Ship ChallengeU11B18:10
2537Paradise Bou WatermanHolmfirth Harriers ACPirate Ship ChallengeU13G18:12
261Rory NaylorPirate Ship ChallengeU11B19:00
276James O'HarePirate Ship ChallengeU11B19:08
2836Deacon ColdwellPenistone Footpath Runners & ACPirate Ship ChallengeU16B20:11
2918Seb CunliffePirate Ship ChallengeU11B20:58
308Josh BownPirate Ship ChallengeU16B21:04
3123Issac MorrisHolmfirth Harriers ACPirate Ship ChallengeU13B21:30
3219Elicia GregoryDenby Dale ACPirate Ship ChallengeU13G22:16
3334Ember PoolePirate Ship ChallengeU11G23:10
3426Alice BloomfieldPirate Ship ChallengeU11G24:05:00
3535Marleigh ColdwellPirate Ship ChallengeU11B24:52:00
3615Senna StottBradford Airedale ACPirate Ship ChallengeU11G25:38:00
3714Reggie ArmitagePirate Ship ChallengeU11B25:50:00
1165William TurnerHolmfirth Harriers ACDenby GallopB09:23
2159Marcus BalogunDenby GallopB09:35
3175Henry HarveyDenby GallopB09:49
4174Louis SutcliffeHalifax Harriers & ACDenby GallopB10:01
5161Spencer GregoryDenby Dale ACDenby GallopB10:23
6169Jessica DawDenby GallopG10:44
7158Jacob CrozierDenby GallopB10:48
8176Emily BrentDenby GallopG11:02
9155Iris EllisDenby Dale ACDenby GallopG11:21
10150Iris NaylorDenby GallopG11:24
11153Matthew BownDenby GallopB11:26
12157Dexter StottDenby GallopB11:35
13173Lilac BensleyDenby GallopG11:39
14167Olivia ColleyBradford Airedale ACDenby GallopG11:40
15171Willow MoxonDenby GallopG11:40
16164Florence TurnerDenby GallopG11:59
17163Odaro OsaweDenby GallopB12:00
18168George PhillipsDenby GallopB12:10
19151Max NaylorDenby GallopB12:16
20160Betsy CrozierDenby GallopG12:24
21170Reuben CooperDenby Gallopb12:36
22152Paloma BerryDenby GallopG13:16
23154Chloe RobertsDenby GallopG13:48
24156Edith ArmitageDenby GallopG14:03
25172Ada NuttingDenby GallopG14:06
26178Evan Moffat-ClarkeDenby GallopB15:04
27166Oscar ColleyBradford Airedale ACDenby GallopB15:11
28162Amenze OsaweDenby GallopG16:11
29177Sophie BrentDenby GallopG23:00

Organised by

c/o The George Inn
Upper Denby

Anne Middleton
07455 015427