Pitstop 10K 2016 Results

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Pos.PositionBib NameNameClubCategory TimeTimeShare
138ASKEW, JamesDurham City HarriersSenior Men00:32:24
2464STRAUGHAN, ThomasMorpeth HarriersSenior Men00:32:26
3238HOBBS, JohnValley StridersSenior Men00:32:44
4272JONES, MatthewSunderland HarriersSenior Men00:33:13
5324NEWTON, DeanNew Marske Harriers A.C.Senior Men00:33:22
6149CLIFFORD, JohnEvenwood Road RunnersMale Vet 4000:33:42
7141CHADFIELD, AndyBillingham Marsh House Male Vet 4000:34:12
8279KIEL, AlexQuakers Running ClubSenior Men00:34:15
9173DEVLIN, MatthewSunderland HarriersSenior Men00:34:32
10331PEARSON, AndrewRichmond & Zetland HarriersMale Vet 4500:35:10
11476SMITH, RosieDurham City HarriersSenior Lady00:35:29
12397TAYLOR, ColinDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 4000:35:39
13310MIDDLETON, SteveRichmond & Zetland HarriersMale Vet 4000:36:03
14148CLEASBY, PaulNew Marske Harriers A.C.Male Vet 4000:36:12
15296MARSHALL, ShaunDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:36:22
16399TEECE, PhilipDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 5000:36:33
17314MILLMORE, TracyBirtley AcSenior Lady00:36:36
18165COX, JustinSedgefield HarriersMale Vet 4000:36:42
19130BROWN, KimUnattachedMale Vet 4000:36:43
20281LAMBERT, CarolineWetherby RunnersSenior Lady00:36:45
21388STEPHEN, SusieDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 3500:37:05
22333PEARSON, WayneCrook & District ACMale Vet 4500:37:26
23128BROCK, MartinKnaresborough StridersSenior Men00:37:36
24270JONES, DaveQuakers Running ClubMale Vet 4000:37:38
25251HUSTWITT, JackNorth York Moors A.C.Senior Men00:37:55
26463DALTON, PaulQuakers Running ClubMale Vet 4000:38:03
27441BUCKLEY, AndrewRichmond & Zetland HarriersSenior Men00:38:08
28232HELLIWELL, PaulDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 4500:38:12
29143CHRISTON, IanUnattachedSenior Men00:39:04
30359ROBINSON, MarkQuakers Running ClubSenior Men00:39:06
3126ALLAN, PaulDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:39:08
32160COOK, KyleQuakers Running ClubSenior Men00:39:12
33448CAMPBELL, RichardAycliffe Running ClubSenior Men00:39:20
34352RICHARDSON, DawnQuakers Running ClubFemale Vet 4000:39:24
35356ROBINSON, AndrewKnaresborough StridersMale Vet 4500:39:30
36201GARRENS, PaulMiddlesbrough and Cleveland HMale Vet 4000:39:31
37136CALLAN, ChrisUnattachedSenior Men00:39:34
38157COLLINSON, GarryDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:39:36
39449PORTER, TomAycliffe Running ClubMale Vet 4500:39:37
4028ALLINSON, TonySunderland HarriersMale Vet 4000:39:38
41290LOWE, PaulDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:39:45
42380SMITH, NathanDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 4000:39:48
43300MARTIN, AlisonDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 3500:39:51
44161COOK, PaulDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 4000:39:52
45347READMAN, IanQuakers Running ClubMale Vet 4000:39:57
4632ARMSTRONG, PeterDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:39:59
47286LEE, LauraDurham City HarriersSenior Lady00:40:03
48231HAYMER, MarkDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 4000:40:08
49409THWAITES, GarySedgefield HarriersMale Vet 4000:40:14
50393TALMAN, BarryDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 4000:40:30
51337PHILLIPS, SueDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 5000:40:35
52120BRACKEN, DavidDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 4000:40:38
53406THOMPSON, MichaelQuakers Running ClubMale Vet 4500:40:39
54398TAYLOR, LaurenceUnattachedMale Vet 6000:40:40
55288LEIGHTON, TomDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:40:56
56327O'HARA, GrahamDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 5000:41:15
57326O'BOYLE, JohnUnattachedMale Vet 4000:41:19
58153COLE, JoeUnattachedMale Vet 6000:41:42
59395TALMAN, LouiseDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 3500:41:43
60346READ, GaryQuakers Running ClubSenior Men00:41:44
6146ATKINSON, PhilipBirtley AcMale Vet 4500:41:51
62306MCDERMOTT, PaulRedcar Running ClubMale Vet 5000:41:57
63283LAVERICK, AndrewUnattachedMale Vet 4000:41:59
64325NOBLE, PhillipRedcar Running ClubSenior Men00:42:01
65236HINDMARCH, Justin AdamDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:42:02
66117BOWES, RichardDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:42:08
67179DUKE, ChrisSunderland StrollersMale Vet 4500:42:10
68307MCGARRY, JamesUnattachedMale Vet 4000:42:20
69335PHILLIPS, DeanSunderland HarriersMale Vet 4500:42:21
70301MATTHEWS, HarryElswick HarriersMale Vet 6000:42:22
7133ARMSTRONG, StuartDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 4000:42:23
72220HALL, Iain GNorth York Moors A.C.Male Vet 5000:42:26
73195FOSTER, BarryDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:42:31
74185ELLIOTT, StevenDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 4000:42:43
75202GARVEY, GrahamDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 4000:42:45
76155COLLEY, DominicDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:42:46
77183EDWARDS, MatthewUnattachedSenior Men00:42:47
78253HUTCHINSON, JadeDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Lady00:42:55
79473WILD, ColinShildon Running & A.C.Male Vet 5000:43:01
80110BELL, BarryUnattachedMale Vet 4500:43:12
8164BARNES, RichardNorth York Moors A.C.Male Vet 5000:43:15
82385SPEEDIE, PatriciaNew Marske Harriers A.C.Female Vet 4500:43:20
83294MAJOR, StevenQuakers Running ClubSenior Men00:43:22
84466MARSHALL, UnknownSwaledale Road RunnersFemale Vet 3500:43:32
85404THIRLAWAY, MalcolmGateshead Harriers ACMale Vet 6000:43:37
86365RUTTER, PhilQuakers Running ClubMale Vet 5000:43:42
87208GLENCROSS, AndrewDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 4500:43:55
8856BALDASERA, JamieDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:44:13
89131BROWN, PaulineDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 5000:44:17
90469NOBLE, LindaDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 5000:44:27
91315MILNER, MarkDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 4000:44:30
92383SNELL, NathanielUnattachedMale Vet 4000:44:32
93137CARBERT, SharonDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 4500:44:33
94299MARTIN, RodgerUnattachedMale Vet 4500:44:37
95367SANGSTER, MichaelDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:44:45
96318MORRIS, IanDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 4000:44:46
97170DAVIES, JonUnattachedSenior Men00:44:51
98250HUME, KarlDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 4500:44:54
99358ROBINSON, MarkDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:45:08
100227HARLAND, AndrewUnattachedMale Vet 4500:45:12
101162COOK, Paul ADarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:45:14
102160COOK, KyleQuakers Running ClubSenior Men00:45:15
103414TURLEY, AndrewUnattachedMale Vet 4000:45:20
104472BAKER, TrevorUnattachedSenior Men00:45:23
105203GELDARD, MarkMiddlesbrough and Cleveland HMale Vet 4000:45:24
106147CLARKE, ValDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 5000:45:42
107418WALLER, JulianUnattachedMale Vet 4000:45:47
108223HARDCASTLE, StuartSwaledale Road RunnersMale Vet 6000:45:52
109328O'NEILL, PeterDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:45:58
110124BRISCHUK, JohnDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:46:09
111178DOLAN, MichaelDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:46:12
11283BAXTER, NeilSkyrac ACMale Vet 4000:46:12
113372SIMONDS, PaulUnattachedSenior Men00:46:20
11414ADDISON, ChrisUnattachedMale Vet 4000:46:24
115392STODDART, CraigDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:46:42
116336PHILLIPS, MartinDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 5000:46:47
117453LAWSON, DavidUnattachedMale Vet 4500:46:52
118353ROBERTS, PaulQuakers Running ClubMale Vet 5000:46:52
119438DAVY, AlistairLeeds City ACMale Vet 6000:46:55
120158CONNOLLY, SeanDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:47:07
121280KING, PeterUnattachedMale Vet 4500:47:17
122177DODS, PeterDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 5000:47:24
123184ELLIOT, PeterUnattachedMale Vet 6000:47:25
124477LISTER, EllieUnattachedSenior Lady00:47:25
125369SCOTT, StevenThirsk & Sowerby HarriersMale Vet 4500:47:32
126199FURLONGER, StuartUnattachedSenior Men00:47:43
127454SIMPSON, JonathanUnattachedSenior Men00:47:46
128368SCOTT, IanEvenwood Road RunnersSenior Men00:48:07
129169DANIELS, SimonDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 5000:48:10
130424WEBBER, KeithMiddlesbrough and Cleveland HSenior Men00:48:13
131304MCALLISTER, SteveDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 5000:48:15
13248AUSTIN, RobertDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 6000:48:20
133119BOYLE, JonathanDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 4000:48:24
134313MILLAR, LesleyDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 5000:48:27
135312MILLER, JeffDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 5000:48:28
136211GREEN, CarlUnattachedMale Vet 4000:48:29
137212GREEN, EricElvet StridersMale Vet 5000:48:36
138207GIRARD, IainDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 4500:48:52
139206GILLHAM, RobQuakers Running ClubMale Vet 4500:49:12
140247HOUGHTON, JoeUnattachedMale Vet 6000:49:15
141139CARTER, BecciDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Lady00:49:22
142302MATTHEWS, KimElswick HarriersFemale Vet 5000:49:31
143289LESTER, LindseyQuakers Running ClubFemale Vet 4000:49:31
144277KELLY, JaniceUnattachedFemale Vet 4500:49:32
145436WOODCOCK, SueQuakers Running ClubFemale Vet 4500:49:35
146431WILLIAMSON, AndrewDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 5000:49:37
147421WATSON, CarlDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:49:51
148287LEGGOTT, NickUnattachedMale Vet 4500:49:52
149172DENNIS, AdamUnattachedSenior Men00:49:53
150216HALL, AntoniDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:50:07
151411TOMLINSON, SarahDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 4000:50:14
152430WILLIAMSON, AlysonDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 5000:50:18
153309MEEK, StephenUnattachedMale Vet 5000:50:53
154390STEPHENSON, PaulStockton StridersSenior Men00:50:57
155265JOBLIN, SamuelQuakers Running ClubSenior Men00:51:15
156142CHARLTON, TaiDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:51:28
157252HUTCHINSON, AnneDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 4500:51:36
158221HAMILL, JonathanElvet StridersMale Vet 4000:51:38
159350REID, PaulUnattachedSenior Men00:51:43
160230HART, MarionDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 4000:51:52
161405THOMAS, RachelUnattachedSenior Lady00:51:55
162345RAPER, GemmaDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Lady00:52:01
163295MARRIOTT, JeffQuakers Running ClubMale Vet 5000:52:04
164298MARTIN, HelenUnattachedFemale Vet 4500:52:26
165459WILKINSON, SimonUnattachedSenior Men00:52:35
166362ROLFE, AllisonUnattachedFemale Vet 4500:52:44
16715ADDYMAN, NeilDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:52:45
168257IRVING, StephenUnattachedSenior Men00:52:46
169439GORDON, DannyQuakers Running ClubMale Vet 7000:52:51
170364RUDGE, IanShildon Running & A.C.Male Vet 4500:53:08
171159COOK, JohnDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 4000:53:13
172330PARKER, MikeElvet StridersMale Vet 4000:53:15
173121BRAMLEY, LennieUnattachedSenior Men00:53:18
174204GIBSON, ShirleyDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 5000:53:23
175320MURPHY, DavidStockton StridersMale Vet 5000:53:25
176114BOSHIER, LewisQuakers Running ClubSenior Men00:53:28
177224HARDY, AnnaQuakers Running ClubFemale Vet 4000:53:33
178115BOSHIER, MichelleQuakers Running ClubFemale Vet 4000:53:35
179285LEDGERWOOD, DavidQuakers Running ClubMale Vet 4500:53:36
180196FOSTER, JaniceDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 4000:53:37
181470YOUNG, IanUnattachedSenior Men00:53:54
182428WILKINSON, ClaireUnattachedFemale Vet 3500:54:02
183228HARRIS, DougUnattachedMale Vet 6000:54:04
184267JOHNSON, SarahDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Lady00:54:14
185341PLASKITT, TraceyQuakers Running ClubFemale Vet 4000:54:29
186403TEMPRELL, SallyUnattachedFemale Vet 4000:54:33
187402TEMPRELL, JasonUnattachedMale Vet 4000:54:34
188361ROBSON, CatherineUnattachedFemale Vet 3500:54:39
189111BIRTLES, AdamUnattachedSenior Men00:54:52
190284LEAH, HazelUnattachedSenior Lady00:54:56
191125BRISCOE, AndrewUnattachedMale Vet 4500:55:01
192391STOCKER, ChrisUnattachedSenior Men00:55:07
193471PINKNEY, JulianDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 5000:55:12
194214GRIFFITHS, CraigUnattachedSenior Men00:55:23
195109BECK, JulieDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 5000:55:25
196241HOLDCROFT, JaredDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:55:39
197171DAVISWORTH, EmmaUnattachedFemale Vet 3500:55:49
198316MOORE, IainUnattachedMale Vet 4000:55:50
199376SMITH, GrahamUnattachedMale Vet 5000:55:55
20069BARRASS, PamelaQuakers Running ClubFemale Vet 4500:55:59
201408THREADKELL, IanDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:55:59
202321MURPHY, VivStockton StridersFemale Vet 4000:56:08
203233HEPWORTH, IanRichmond & Zetland HarriersMale Vet 6000:56:30
204420WARRILOW, RobinUnattachedMale Vet 4000:56:41
20523AIKEN, DavidDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:56:52
206163CORAH, TinaDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 5000:56:55
207167DALE, DenDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 5000:57:04
208213GREEN, GillianElvet StridersFemale Vet 4500:57:37
209419WARD, FayeElvet StridersFemale Vet 4000:57:38
210242HOLLOWAY, FionaDurham City HarriersFemale Vet 4000:57:39
211239HODGSON, KeranStockton StridersFemale Vet 4000:57:43
212344RADMORE, JennyUnattachedFemale Vet 4000:57:46
213156COLLING, GillQuakers Running ClubFemale Vet 5000:57:47
214381SMITHURST, PhilipDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men00:58:13
215363ROSS, JamesShildon Running & A.C.Male Vet 5000:58:15
216200GALLILEE, TonyN.E. Veterans A.C.Male Vet 5000:58:24
217175DICKINSON, JoUnattachedFemale Vet 3500:58:28
218254HUTCHINSON, PaulUnattachedSenior Men00:58:49
219293MACKENZIE BROWN, AnneliDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 4000:59:08
220432WILLIAMSON, LouiseDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Lady00:59:32
221308MCGREGOR, MartinDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 4500:59:40
222357ROBINSON, ChristineUnattachedFemale Vet 3500:59:42
223319MORRIS, LeeQuakers Running ClubSenior Men00:59:46
224216HALL, AntoniDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men01:00:06
225384SPARROW, DianeUnattachedFemale Vet 3501:00:06
226348REESE, AndreaDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 4501:00:14
227262JENKINS, LisaQuakers Running ClubFemale Vet 4001:00:32
228422WATSON, MarcUnattachedMale Vet 4001:00:49
229435WOOD, DarrynQuakers Running ClubSenior Men01:02:06
230354ROBERTS, PaulaQuakers Running ClubSenior Lady01:02:07
231415TYREMAN, HelenNew Marske Harriers A.C.Female Vet 5001:02:28
232218HALL, DianeNew Marske Harriers A.C.Female Vet 5001:02:28
233371SHERWOOD, LindseyUnattachedSenior Lady01:02:39
234444DAUBER, StephenDarlington H. & A.C.Male Vet 6001:02:39
235410TINKLER, SteveDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Men01:03:13
236375SMEDLEY, LisaDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 4001:03:48
237322MURRAY, Barry GerardBirtley AcMale Vet 5001:04:12
238174DICKINSON, JoUnattachedFemale Vet 4501:05:09
23961BARKER, BarbraUnattachedFemale Vet 3501:05:42
240116BOWERBANK, LisaUnattachedFemale Vet 3501:05:44
241258IVEY, EmmaDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 3501:06:20
242152CODLING, IanThirsk & Sowerby HarriersMale Vet 7001:06:36
243215GRIFFITHS, PhilipaUnattachedSenior Lady01:06:38
244378SMITH, LeisaUnattachedFemale Vet 4001:07:37
245305MCCREADY, DawnDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 3501:07:45
246222HARBIN, JonathanUnattachedSenior Men01:07:54
247426WICLING, JackieUnattachedFemale Vet 3501:07:54
248474THOMAS, KennethShildon Running & A.C.Male Vet 5001:08:12
249429WILLIAMS, EmmaUnattachedFemale Vet 3501:08:29
250292MACDONALD, AmandaUnattachedFemale Vet 4001:08:40
251168DALE, SallyDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 5001:08:49
252256INGRAM, AlexandraDurham City HarriersSenior Lady01:09:13
253225HARDY, ClaireUnattachedFemale Vet 3501:09:23
254191FOGGETT, JoanneUnattachedFemale Vet 4501:09:26
255118BOWIE, AngelaUnattachedFemale Vet 4001:09:30
256437WORKMAN, KatherineUnattachedSenior Lady01:09:30
257334PETRIE, BarbaraStockton StridersFemale Vet 5001:09:53
258140CARTY-BURLAND, DeeUnattachedMale Vet 4501:09:53
259126BRISCOE, GaynorUnattachedFemale Vet 4001:10:29
260190FLYNN, EmmaShildon Running & A.C.Female Vet 3501:10:30
261176DILLON, LauraUnattachedSenior Lady01:11:02
262151COCKBURN, KatrinaUnattachedFemale Vet 3501:11:30
263342PROBERT, JanetUnattachedFemale Vet 5001:11:35
264259IVISON, PennyDarlington H. & A.C.Female Vet 5001:11:56
265416WAITE, JanetQuakers Running ClubFemale Vet 5001:11:59
266193FORSTER, SarahDarlington H. & A.C.Senior Lady01:12:08
267458BYTHEWAY, MichelleUnattachedFemale Vet 4501:13:11
268457BYTHEWAY, DavidUnattachedMale Vet 4001:13:12
269425WELBURN, CaroleUnattachedFemale Vet 5001:13:36