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Pos.BibNameClubEntry Type Price PointTimeShare
1127Christian BrownQuakers5 mile race28:05:00
285Colin TaylorDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race28:07:00
359Paul CookDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race30:31:00
4115Paul Weir5 mile race30:41:00
546Ian SandersonValley Striders5 mile race30:47:00
6102Jeff MillerDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race30:52:00
7176Dave McKennaDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race31:33:00
8146Karl HumeDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race31:47:00
9178Antony JeffordRichmond & Zetland Harriers5 mile race31:40:00
1048Neville FordDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race32:22:00
11138Joseph ReeveRichmond & Zetland Harriers5 mile race32:35:00
12158Andy HarrisonDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race32:34:00
13113Carl EddonDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race33:18:00
14179Alex KielNew Marske harriers5 mile race33:20:00
15184David BrackenDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race33:44:00
1650Gabrielle HallMiddlesbrough AC (Mandale)5 mile race34:01:00
1758Phil TeeceDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race34:02:00
1851Steve RogersDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race34:04:00
1965Jay MorfootDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race34:33:00
20182Dean NewtonNew Marske Harriers5 mile race34:38:00
2163Adam Moses34:51:00
22110Anthony SeamanDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race35:22:00
23100Gary Buckley5 mile race35:37:00
24137Kimberley ReeveRichmond & Zetland Harriers5 mile race35:46:00
2597Daniel OrtonQuakers Running Club5 mile race36:12:00
26128David RichesDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race36:36:00
27143Andrew GlencrossDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race36:40:00
28101Edward Lamb5 mile race36:57:00
29140Michael DuftonCrook And District Ac5 mile race37:48:00
30177Jevon Crawley5 mile race38:02:00
3142Gary ForsterStockton Striders AC5 mile race38:04:00
3245David NalderDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race38:07:00
33164Dan Rowlands5 mile race38:15:00
3496Andrew NeashamDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race38:22:00
3533Michael DolanDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race38:28:00
36119Peter OneillDarlington Harriers & AC38:37:00
37118Steve Moorhouse38:40:00
3817Nicky YoungDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race38:43:00
3970Lyndsey HedleyDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race38:52:00
40103Dave SmithDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race39:27:00
41107Jonathan BoyleDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race39:28:00
4225Robert AustinDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race39:38:00
4343Michael Precious5 mile race39:47:00
4494Amy Plaskitt5 mile race40:18:00
4528Steven CraggsDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race40:42:00
46120Diane Jones5 mile race40:53:00
4787Lesley MillerDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race41:01:00
48183John McGrathQuakers5 mile race41:28:00
49186Chris Holmes5 mile race41:28:00
5052Zoe RogersDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race41:42:00
5186David Hill5 mile race41:58:00
5215Catherine AndersonDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race42:00:00
53131Janice FosterDarlington Harriers & AC42:02:00
5482Simon PettittTeesdale AC5 mile race42:12:00
55141Babs CrawleyTeesdale AC5 mile race42:20:00
56142Andrew CrawleyTeesdale AC5 mile race42:46:00
5734Laura Hinds5 mile race42:54:00
5838Anna HardyQuakers Running Club5 mile race43:37:00
59181Sandra MartinQuakers5 mile race43:37:00
6027Brian BurdonDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race44:00:00
61111Gary Tinkler5 mile race44:32:00
6220David Stothard5 mile race44:34:00
63151Joanne Tarn5 mile race44:49:00
6469Rhian Holmes5 mile race45:20:00
652Tina CorahDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race45:30:00
6691Caroline Wilson5 mile race45:48:00
6762Samatha Moses5 mile race45:51:00
68170Ben Pegman5 mile race46:28:00
6961Ian BarnesDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race46:51:00
70123Juliette McLarenQuakers Running Club5 mile race47:00:00
71136Gretel ThomsonSisters R Doing It5 mile race47:14:00
72139Scott Hindle47:43:00
7383Amanda PettittTeesdale AC5 mile race47:59:00
7495Tracey PlaskittQuakers Running Club5 mile race48:51:00
7555Scott Mallen5 mile race49:01:00
7647Julie Smith5 mile race49:38:00
7722Anna StephensDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race49:48:00
7884Simon Fleming5 mile race49:48:00
7936Anneke Hill5 mile race50:13:00
8032George PrinceDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race50:25:00
8126Les Hauxwell5 mile race50:57:00
82147Lee Jackson5 mile race51:01:00
838Astrid Sinclair5 mile race51:41:00
84162Elaine Clapham5 mile race53:54:00
85185Lena RusaQuakers5 mile race54:27:00
8681Clare McGrathQuakers Running Club5 mile race54:29:00
8788Jane Welsh5 mile race54:33:00
8889Abi MacMillan5 mile race54:33:00
8930Janet Powson5 mile race54:50:00
903Hilary BevanDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race54:51:00
9156Alison Mallen5 mile race55:38:00
9290Terri Stewart5 mile race55:56:00
93175Angela SutheranAycliffe RC5 mile race55:56:00
949Claire Hayes5 mile race56:26:00
957Laura SawyerDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race56:34:00
9644Judth McKenzie5 mile race56:57:00
97174Emina Becks5 mile race57:00:00
98180Darren Newton5 mile race57:00:00
991Lisa Hamilton5 mile race58:26:00
10021Samantha StanleyDarlington Harriers & AC5 mile race59:16:00
10141Wendy ThompsonQuakers Running Club5 mile race60:31:00
10298Gill Sawdon5 mile race60:47:00
10399Becky Atkinson5 mile race60:47:00
10467Gulnara Barker5 mile race62:24:00
105172Kerri PrinceTGCR5 mile race64:22:00
106173Elaine Laycock5 mile race64:22:00

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129 Greenbank Road, Darlington, DL3 6EN

Paul Cook