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Coley Canter 2018 Results

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Pos.BibNameClubCategory WinnersTimeShare
1105Ben PageMale Winner51:32.6
2106Holly PageCalder Valley Fell RunnersFemale Winner56:32.5
317Tim BrookNorthowram Pumas RCM35 Winner56:41.4
41Scott AlderPudsey & Bramley AC56:47.0
5120Rick RalphNorthowram Pumas RC57:11.8
692Alasdair MenmuirSteel City Striders RC57:17.7
730Sam Clegg1:00:44
886Dan MarsdenStainland Lions Running Club1:00:52
98Magaret BeeverStainland Lions Running ClubF35 Winner1:00:55
10124Leon SevernStainland Lions Running Club1:01:00
1191Luke MeleschkoCalder Valley Fell Runners1:01:17
12160Tristan SheardCalder Valley Fell RunnersM45 Winner1:01:36
1322Henry CarterSpenborough & District AC1:03:49
14121Jude RobertsNorthowram Pumas RC1:04:02
1573Peter KerridgeTodmorden Harriers1:04:32
1620Gareth BurrellHalifax Harriers & AC1:04:34
1762Abbie HolyoakeSouth Leeds Lakers1:04:46
18138Jon UnderwoodCalder Valley Fell Runners1:05:22
1978Gareth KnightStainland Lions Running Club1:05:40
2053James HarrisStainland Lions Running Club1:06:04
21147Steven WoodsSouth Leeds LakersM55 Winner1:06:09
22142Andrew EarnshawStainland Lions Running Club1:06:19
2326Dom CharkinFarsley Flyers1:06:30
2437David CulpanStainland Lions Running Club1:06:40
2557Mark Hewitt1:06:44
2611Emily BergSouth Leeds Lakers1:06:48
2784Angela MarkleyMacclesfield Harriers & AC1:06:56
2897Paul MurgatroydSouth Leeds Lakers1:07:10
29103James O'RourkeHalifax Harriers & AC1:07:11
3071Brad Keast1:07:25
3138Antony CostelloCalder Valley Fell Runners1:07:29
3299Lorraine NaylorStainland Lions Running ClubF45 Winner1:07:32
3352Chris HanleySowerby Bridge Snails RC1:08:18
34150Martin EnglandNorthowram Pumas RC1:08:59
35108Tom PagetHalifax Harriers & AC1:09:31
36113Luke Pearson1:09:44
3789James McNuttStainland Lions Running Club1:09:57
3841John BassinderStainland Lions Running Club1:10:35
39100Russell NaylorEccleshill Road Runners1:10:37
4065Ian HoskinsStainland Lions Running Club1:10:47
41133Adam TheakstonDewsbury Road Runners1:10:55
4277Tom Knifton1:10:57
4329Stacey ClealQueensbury Running Club1:11:04
44102Martin O'BrienStainland Lions Running Club1:11:32
4556Ian HesseldenSowerby Bridge Snails RC1:11:47
4658Lee HipwellQueensbury Running Club1:11:56
4794Stuart Moorhouse1:12:21
4867John InglesStainland Lions Running Club1:12:43
49119Jonathan PybusStainland Lions Running Club1:13:10
50144Simon WilliamsBrighouse Bumble Bees1:13:10
51143Sharon WilliamsNorth Leeds Fell RunnersF55 Winner1:13:13
5210Paul BennettBramley Breezers1:13:57
53122Michelle RogersonStainland Lions Running Club1:13:59
544Aileen BaldwinStainland Lions Running ClubF65 Winner1:14:18
557Patrick BeanFarsley Flyers1:14:24
5640Andrea DouglasBramley Breezers1:15:04
5725Emma ChadwickSouth Leeds Lakers1:15:09
5882Joanna LockwoodQueensbury Running Club1:15:13
59126Chris SmartSowerby Bridge Snails RC1:15:21
6069Philip JonesBaildon Runners1:16:13
61131Andrew TameBramley Breezers1:16:18
62127Anna SmithBaildon Runners1:16:23
6312Hazel BerrettHalifax Harriers & AC1:16:58
6434David CooperPudsey Pacers1:17:07
65116Michael PickardBramley Breezers1:17:29
6663James Horne1:17:31
6779Andrew Laird BoldyStainland Lions Running Club1:17:46
686Maris BaskoBramley Breezers1:18:16
6927Stephen CheesemanMorley Running Club1:18:26
70149Virginia YoungStainland Lions Running Club1:18:42
7166Kath HoyerWesham Road Runners & AC1:18:52
7287Neil MarshallKirkstall Harriers1:19:11
73114Michael PeelQueensbury Running Club1:19:23
74123Jenna RymerSouth Leeds Lakers1:20:15
75132Andrew TamsBramley Breezers1:20:17
7639Stuart DaviesBramley Breezers1:20:19
77107Hilary Page1:20:54
7816Steve BoyerStainland Lions Running Club1:23:03
7981Angela LeeStainland Lions Running Club1:23:06
80128Andy Smith1:23:12
81137Victoria TrudgillQueensbury Running Club1:23:13
8215Paul BottomleyNorthowram Pumas RC1:23:17
8359Zoe HipwellQueensbury Running Club1:23:44
8418Craig BurnsBramley Breezers1:23:44
8574Chris KilvingtonBramley Breezers1:24:00
8693Raymond MooneyStainland Lions Running Club1:24:01
8751Rikki HammondStainland Lions Running Club1:24:04
8880Tony LambertPudsey Pacers1:25:20
8968Alex Jeffery1:26:03
9033Jenny CooperNorth Leeds Fell Runners1:26:41
9128Rachel Clarke-WilliamsSouth Leeds Lakers1:26:59
9247Sandy GeeStainland Lions Running Club1:27:34
9324Jennie CastlehouseBramley Breezers1:27:46
94101Matt NewtonNorthowram Pumas RC1:27:57
9595Steven MossM65 Winner1:27:58
96135Nick ThompsonStainland Lions Running Club1:28:32
9735Neil CoupeNorthowram Pumas RC1:28:35
9854Linda Hayles1:28:38
99117Paula PickersgillStainland Lions Running Club1:28:39
10021Darren CalvertBramley Breezers1:28:50
10119Chris BurrellHalifax Harriers & AC1:28:52
10288Catherine McHughStainland Lions Running Club1:28:56
10314Craig BinghamQueensbury Running Club1:29:19
10485Sharon Marlor-GageStainland Lions Running Club1:29:44
10576Stacey KiteBramley Breezers1:29:56
10642Michelle EyreStainland Lions Running Club1:31:17
107140Dean WaterhouseBramley Breezers1:31:23
10872Richard KennedyNorthowram Pumas RC1:32:51
10950Michelle GreenwoodQueensbury Running Club1:32:58
11044Rachel FeatherBramley Breezers1:33:17
11155Caroline HesseldenSowerby Bridge Snails RC1:33:43
1129Thomas BellBramley Breezers1:34:21
11398Wendy MurgatroydSouth Leeds Laker1:34:41
114134Genevieve ThompsonStainland Lions Running Club1:35:14
11546Andy FlynnNorthowram Pumas RC1:35:53
11675Ann KislukEccleshill Road Runners1:36:49
11748David GoodyearEccleshill Road Runners1:36:57
11896Chris MurgatroydNorthowram Pumas RC1:38:13
11983Sharan LoughranQueensbury Running Club1:38:20
12032Hazel CookeBrighouse Bumble Bees1:38:40
121118Rebecca PollardSowerby Bridge Snails RC1:41:42
122139Suzanne WaterhouseBramley Breezers1:41:56
1233Richard AppleyardBramley Breezers1:44:22
12449Judith GreenwoodStainland Lions Running Club1:48:57
DNF23Jonny CartwrightStainland Lions Running Club0:00:00
DNF129Kate SmithsonPudsey Pacers0:00:00

Organised by

Northowram Community Sports & Activity Club
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Ally Canning