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Denby Dash Junior Races 2021 Results

If you have any questions about these results then please contact the race organiser.

1143Jacob PalmerPirate Ship ChallengeU13B13:35
2157Jack SunderlandHolmfirth Harriers ACPirate Ship ChallengeU16B13:40
3148Amos StancliffePirate Ship ChallengeU16B14:29
4163Fynn SmithWakefield Triathlon ClubPirate Ship ChallengeU13B14:37
5146Millie PowellWakefield District H & ACPirate Ship ChallengeU16G15:19
6147Jack McClellandDenby Dale ACPirate Ship ChallengeU16B15:21
7159Flynn RogersPenistone Footpath Runners & ACPirate Ship ChallengeU13B15:22
8166Finn PepperPirate Ship ChallengeU11B15:23
9152Sylvie EllisDenby Dale ACPirate Ship ChallengeU13G15:26
10154Ethan Van HaazelPirate Ship ChallengeU13B16:41
11151Zach EllisDenby Dale ACPirate Ship ChallengeU13B16:43
12161Luke MellingHolmfirth Harriers ACPirate Ship ChallengeU13B16:57
13150Oliver WilsonPirate Ship ChallengeU13B17:05
14153Annabelle McFarlaneHolmfirth Harriers ACPirate Ship ChallengeU11G17:08
15142Ewan PlumbHolmfirth Harriers ACPirate Ship ChallengeU11B17:10
16162Lucas StephensWallsend Harriers & ACPirate Ship ChallengeU11B17:30
17160James CutlerPirate Ship ChallengeU11B18:22
18144Ollie JoyceHolmfirth Harriers ACPirate Ship ChallengeU13B19:07
19164Franklyn BensleyPirate Ship ChallengeU11B20:36
20141Evie MooreWakefield District H & ACPirate Ship ChallengeU11G21:13
21167James FraserPirate Ship ChallengeU11B21:41
22145Isobel PowellWakefield District H & ACPirate Ship ChallengeU11G21:58
23149Blythe StancliffePirate Ship ChallengeU13G22:44
24155Erin HoathHolmfirth Harriers ACPirate Ship ChallengeU11G23:13
25158Sam ChurcherPirate Ship ChallengeU13B23:31
26156Martha HoathHolmfirth Harriers ACPirate Ship ChallengeU13G23:35
27165Evie- May HudsonPirate Ship ChallengeU11G23:38
123James NeilHalifax Harriers & ACDenby GallopB08:34
227Henry McFarlaneHolmfirth Harriers ACDenby GallopB09:02
321Ethan FordWakefield District H & ACDenby GallopB09:10
424Ben WilsonDenby GallopB10:03
529Joshua CutlerDenby GallopB10:25
633Osariemen Imasuen OswaweDenby Dale ACDenby GallopG10:48
732Joshua CarrDenby Dale ACDenby GallopB11:30
835William FraserDenby GallopB11:37
928Eva TurnbullDenby GallopG11:53
1031Harrison OliveroHolmfirth Harriers ACDenby GallopB11:57
1130Lilac BensleyDenby GallopG12:54
1225Iris EllisDenby Dale ACDenby GallopG12:58
1326Ember PooleDenby GallopG13:31
1434Niamh BarryDenby GallopG15:00
1522Ben WheatcroftDenby GallopB15:50

Organised by

c/o The George Inn
Upper Denby

Anne Middleton
07455 015427