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PECO XC Relays 2023 Results

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Pos.NameClubTeamLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3CategoryTimeShare
1The Tempranillo MuchachosHyde Park Harriers7915:20 (Daniel Marquina)14:06 (Adam Lomas)13:46 (George Anderson)Male Open43:12
2No (Cross) Country For Old MenIlkley Harriers8114:27 (Steve Gott)14:53 (Danny Thompson)13:56 (Dan McKeown)Male Vets43:16
3Ilkley YouthIlkley Harriers8015:35 (Adam Gerrish)14:44 (Michael Abrams-Cohen)13:33 (Edward Hobbs)Male Open43:52
4Abbey Runners Representative TeamAbbey Runners6413:47 (Liam Jenkins )14:27 (Ross Hutchinson )16:28 (Hannah Fox)Club Representative Team44:42
5Roundhay Runners - Club Rep TeamRoundhay Runners8814:57 (Joe Morton)15:58 (Charlotte Wills)14:32 (Andy Turner)Club Representative Team45:27
6The (Offset) White StripesHyde Park Harriers7813:47 (Danny Clayton )16:24 (Sam Tecwyn )15:23 (John Pratt)Club Representative Team45:34
7Abbey TSDAbbey Runners6516:16 (Tom Rogerson )15:03 (Stef Brienen)14:40 (Dom Fanaroff)Male Open45:59
8CAR VetsChapel Allerton Runners7015:34 (David Mather)16:06 (Stacy-Paul Wilshaw)16:07 (Rob Greenland)Male Vets47:47
9Abbey ZAbbey Runners6616:59 (Richard Ashworth)17:06 (Paul Craven)14:23 (Simon Jones)Male Open48:28
10Kirkstall blokesKirkstall Harriers8315:37 (Ben Coldwell)16:04 (Kevin Longmate)17:15 (Daoud Al-Janabi)Male Open48:56
11P&B 1Pudsey & Bramley AC8516:19 (Ben Simenton)16:23 (Lewis Murray)16:33 (Laurence Martin)Male Open49:15
12Bingley DadsBingley Harriers & AC6915:00 (Chris Emsley)17:45 (Ambrose Griffiths)18:51 (Andrew Coulton)Male Open51:36
13En-Relay IglesiasHyde Park Harriers7316:56 (Eliza Taswell-Fryer)18:53 (Chris Harris)16:09 (Will Dow)Mixed51:58
14HPH Victoria Road MassifHyde Park Harriers7419:30 (Paul Ramsden)17:06 (Amy Ramsden-Young)16:18 (Tobias Adkins)Mixed52:54
15Old MenstoniansIlkley Harriers8220:13 (Roar Leijssen)17:14 (David Singleton)18:05 (Matthew Snow)Male Vets55:32
16BaldyBeardyBellendsRoundhay Runners8717:19 (Chris dearnley)20:34 (Justin Jones)17:44 (Stu Sklinar)Male Open55:37
17Kirkstall RepresentKirkstall Harriers8415:09 (Ryan Llewellyn)21:56 (Shevonne McLarnon)18:33 (Chris Glover)Club Representative Team55:38
18Abbey RocketAbbey Runners6318:03 (Kirsten Hutchison )17:41 (Andrea Cobo)20:42 (Megan Nichol)Female Open56:26
19P&B 2Pudsey & Bramley AC8618:48 (Iain Thomson)19:51 (David Rafton)17:50 (Adam Beesting)Male Open56:29
20Abbey AvengersAbbey Runners6219:13 (John Ward)19:20 (James Balkwill)19:17 (Matt Ellis)Male Vets57:50
21Hyde Park HarriersHyde Park Harriers7520:05 (Ellie Williams)20:02 (Nicola Forwood)19:12 (Paul Sawyer)Mixed59:19
22Running Besties And John!Hyde Park Harriers7719:00 (Vicky Houghton)19:27 (John Blatherwick )21:08 (Richard Edwards)Mixed59:35
23Roundhay MixedRoundhay Runners8920:04 (Jonathan Turner)23:32 (Harriet Rogers)17:35 (Chris Cobb)Mixed1:01:11
24Amazing AbbeysAbbey Runners6723:21 (Jasmine Salih)22:06 (Kathryn Ashworth)19:12 (Helen Roden)Female Vets1:04:39
25A Rich Brown HiggHyde Park Harriers7223:00 (Stephen Brown)20:47 (Richard Tasker)21:27 (Joe Hogg)Male Vets1:05:14
26Hyde Park......No, Not London!Hyde Park Harriers7619:06 (Clare Evans)23:50 (Danni Bryant)22:29 (Grace Roberts)Female Open1:05:25
27Scrambled LegsAbbey Runners6827:13 (Katie Bastin)19:37 (Sarah Fairhall)18:54 (Becky Ashworth)Female Open1:05:44
28Horsforth FellandaleHorsforth Fellandale7124:39 (Dianne Addison )22:36 (Wendy Bithray)19:11 (Marion Muir)Female Vets1:06:26

Organised by

Mark Hetherington
07753 614624