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Denby Dash Junior Races 2018 Results

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If you have any questions about these results then please contact the race organiser.

Pos.PositionBib NameNameClubRaceCategory TimeTimeShare
1148Jack BratleyCity of York ACPirate Ship ChallengeU16B00:14:11
2169Jack SunderlandHolmfirth Harriers ACPirate Ship ChallengeU13B00:15:08
3165Elena InchHolmfirth Harriers ACPirate Ship ChallengeU16G00:15:19
4155Flynn SmithWakefield TriPirate Ship ChallengeU11B00:15:24
5158William RobertsDenby Dale ACPirate Ship ChallengeU13B00:16:07
6147Charlie BratleyPirate Ship ChallengeU11B00:16:44
7153Ben Worboys HodgsonDenby Dale ACPirate Ship ChallengeU16B00:16:57
8156Millie PowellWakefield HarriersPirate Ship ChallengeU13G00:17:07
9157Kian BallDenby Dale ACPirate Ship ChallengeU11B00:17:23
10159Joseph RobertsDenby Dale ACPirate Ship ChallengeU11B00:17:51
11152Victoria Worboys HodgsonDenby Dale ACPirate Ship ChallengeU13G00:17:52
12160Graihagh TurnerPenistone Footpath Runners & ACPirate Ship ChallengeU11G00:17:58
13144Annabel BroadheadPirate Ship ChallengeU13G00:17:59
14166Lily GoodmanDenby Dale ACPirate Ship ChallengeU11G00:18:06
15150Flynn RogersPenistone Footpath Runners & ACPirate Ship ChallengeU11B00:18:16
16140Amos StancliffePirate Ship ChallengeU13B00:18:30
17145Zara EarnshawHolmfirth Harriers ACPirate Ship ChallengeU13G00:18:59
18161Lucy HollandHolmfirth Harriers ACPirate Ship ChallengeU13G00:19:00
19142Oliver SweeneyPirate Ship ChallengeU11B00:19:21
20151Frances Worboys HodgsonDenby Dale ACPirate Ship ChallengeU16G00:20:15
21164Harriett LucasDenby Dale ACPirate Ship ChallengeU11G00:20:24
22167Ellie ProbertDenby Dale ACPirate Ship ChallengeU13G00:20:27
23141Archie StancliffePirate Ship ChallengeU16B00:21:31
24143Alex BroadheadPirate Ship ChallengeU16B00:21:34
25168Sophie ProbertDenby Dale ACPirate Ship ChallengeU11G00:23:26
26146Zak PickfordPirate Ship ChallengeU11B00:24:37
27163Beth WelchPenistone Footpath Runners & ACPirate Ship ChallengeU13G00:26:05
28162Laura WelchPenistone Footpath Runners & ACPirate Ship ChallengeU13G00:27:07
146Cole HinchcliffeBarnsley ACDenby GallopB00:09:22
241Freddie LucasDenby Dale ACDenby GallopB00:09:50
348Lucas MortonDenby GallopB00:09:54
439James CutlerDenby GallopB00:10:12
536Reece MoodyDenby GallopB00:10:26
652Deacon ColdwellPenistone Footpath Runners & ACDenby GallopB00:10:47
743Bobby MorrisDenby GallopB00:10:55
842Mia DoughtyDenby GallopG00:11:09
933Sam ChurcherDenby GallopB00:11:33
1031Joseph StoreyDenby GallopB00:11:34
1151Noah SharpDenby Dale ACDenby GallopB00:11:58
1240Onnee TurnerDenby GallopG00:12:09
1332Blythe StancliffeDenby GallopG00:12:21
1430Lilian StoreyDenby GallopG00:13:05
1534Nancy SweeneyDenby GallopG00:13:21
1649Stanley MumfordDenby Dale ACDenby GallopB00:13:22
1745Ava HinchcliffeDenby GallopG00:13:35
1850Josie GreenwoodDenby GallopG00:13:40
1935Eliza AbdyDenby GallopG00:13:43
2047Davey SmithWakefield TriDenby GallopB00:13:44
2144Evan CullenSt Theresas JuniorsDenby GallopB00:14:07
2238Isobel PowellDenby GallopG00:14:55
2337Scarlett ShawDenby GallopG00:17:26

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