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NEP Half Marathon Results

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1stKieran Walker01:10:38
2ndDavid Bentley01:21:10
3rdCraig Miles01:23:58
4thMark Lowe01:26:01
5thGarry Reay01:27:47
6thAlexis Dodd01:27:48
7thGareth Kyle01:32:26
8thLiam Copping01:33:30
9thDarren Gofton01:36:40
10thDanny Short01:39:17
11thGrant Milestone01:45:33
12thClaire Wall01:46:32
13thGail Warbrook01:48:44
14thAdele Costello01:49:57
15thDavina Lonsdale02:10:26
16thAdele Lonsdale02:10:26
17thDeborah Jefferies02:11:08
18thNoel O�Donnell02:12:45
19thBob Gratton02:19:17
20thSophie McPhillips02:19:18

Organised by

Kieran Walker