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Borrowby Show 5K  Results

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Pos.NameClubCategoryCategory PositionTimeShare
1Richard GrantThirsk & Sowerby HarriersM119.42
2Matt JonesThirsk & Sowerby HarriersM220.08
3Dan GarthwaiteThirsk & Sowerby HarriersM320.22
4Josh KiddM420.56
5Claire VieraF122.23
6Joe JoyceThirsk & Sowerby HarriersM523.13
7Mattew LentonM623.33
8David TervitThirsk & Sowerby HarriersM723.36
9Andrew DunbarM823.39
10Hillary SzwedF223.48
11Lorraine HilesThirsk & Sowerby HarriersF323.56
12Vic HowardF424.06
13Rob BurnThirsk & Sowerby HarriersM924.33
14Kirsty NaylorThirsk & Sowerby HarriersF524.36
15Daniel DavidsonM1024.41
16Matt BouldM1124.42
17Martyn CoyThirsk & Sowerby HarriersM1225.47
18Norman BushM1326.2
19Clare RowntreeF626.23
20Duncan FothergillThirsk & Sowerby HarriersM1426.5
21Rosie GatenbyThirsk & Sowerby HarriersF726.55
22Richard RaperM1527.17
23Peter ChildsM1627.2
24Mindy PonellF827.33
25Sam PriorM1727.36
26Derek DuddinM1828.28
27Tom BoothM1928.31
28Graham DenneyTrawden Athletic ClubM2028.45
29Craig LowM2129.08
30Kelly GrieveF929.17
31Allison WhitelyThirsk & Sowerby HarriersF1029.21
32Craig AthertonThirsk & Sowerby HarriersM2229.22
33James NusseyM2329.57
34Stuart LentonM2430.12
35Helen HodgsonF1131.14
36Philip CraigThirsk & Sowerby HarriersM2532.17
37Theo LarderM2634.07
38Will ClarkeM2734.08
39Beth HaggathThirsk & Sowerby HarriersF1234.27
40Tina WallaceF1334.48
41Pam DunnF1434.48
42Linda DenneyTrawden Athletic ClubF1534.53
43Christine BurnThirsk & Sowerby HarriersF1634.56

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Valentine Cottage, Borrowby, Thirsk, YO7 4QQ

Andrew Price