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NEP 10 Mile  Results

If you have any questions about these results then please contact the race organiser.

1stCharlie Gardner01:02:38
2ndBen Hodgson01:02:50
3rdCarl Smith01:03:59
4thPeter Taylor01:08:59
5thDaniel McGowan01:09:18
6thJason Pattison01:10:08
7thPaul Norvell01:11:55
8thBen Ryan01:14:12
9thPaul Bowman01:19:06
10thPeter Ryan01:19:48
11thHelly Godfrey01:23:36
12thLindsey Blackburn01:26:53
13thClaire Mason01:28:57
14thSharon Gayter01:30:14
15thSimon Jonson01:31:54
16thZoe Walls01:35:49
17thWilliam Gayter01:45:34

Organised by

Kieran Walker