Race Calendar

The Hardest Run of the Week.

It isn't the intervals!

I try to run 5 or 6 times a week, because I love running.

Friday is usually my rest day as I try to have fresher legs for my local parkrun at the outstandingly beautiful Fountains Abbey parkrun.

It has taken me a while to learn that running slow is the key.

I think I now understand the importance of the long run - to build endurance and avoid 'jelly legs' on the Saturday.

If parkrun is one of my speed sessions I then try to add one other 'workout' session, alternating between hills and intervals.

As a result, my average week looks something like this:

Saturday: Parkrun (not a capital 'P') - and gym; Sunday: - Easy; Monday: - Long run; Tuesday: - Easy (and gym); Wednesday: - Hills or intervals; Thursday:: - Easy; Friday - Rest

My biggest challenge?

When I parkrun, I am all in! Going to the pub on a Friday night - as I did this Friday, costs me 20 seconds and 5/6 places. It is annoying but I 'get it'.

The long run? Assuming I have enough 'time' and my Apple watch does not suddenly switch off for no apparent reason, I am happy. Depeche Mode normally the music to accompany me.

The hills? Sapping and a 200 heart rate. This must make me fitter.

Intervals? I may be sick. These will make me fitter.

I know that is how I am going to feel and I am ready. I think I almost enjoy it.

For me the hardest runs are the easy ones? Why?


On goes the music and off I go. I love running. I am happy. I love this song. I get faster.

I have to make a real conscious effort to slow down. It feels like I am cheating. I am not even sweating. Do I look like I am 'jogging'?

What I am learning day by day, is that it is these easy runs that build the aerobic base, and delay lactate acid when I parkrun.

It is these that allow me to feel strong at the end of parkrun.

Time for my sllllooooowwwwww run.

Happy running all.


Fountains Abbey parkrun