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Canal Race For Dan Results

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1384Aiden CurleyAbbey RunnersThe Short One16:33:24
2411Ricard AllenPudsey PacersThe Short One17:18:33
3479Max ParkerThe Short One24:00:06
4381Richard BlightThe Short One24:00:38
5314Victoria HoughFarsley FlyersThe Short One24:15:27
6356Hannah CooperThe Short One25:57:02
7353Matt LewisThe Short One25:57:40
8302Helen BurkillThe Short One33:22:17
1458Gavin ShoesmithSouth Leeds LakersThe Impromptu Medium One38:25:24
2460Debbie IngleSouth Leeds LakersThe Impromptu Medium One38:29:02
1320Simon JonesAbbey RunnersThe Long One41:13:00
2462Chris CarrickKippax HarriersThe Long One41:43:29
3311Tony CarterThe Long One43:59:35
4375Niamh JacksonKirkstall HarriersThe Long One44:03:04
5472Richard VowdenThe Long One44:45:00
6327Alison OgleFarsley FlyersThe Long One45:00:19
7383Amy YoungHyde Park HarriersThe Long One48:36:43
8304Roger BurkillSouth Leeds LakersThe Long One49:11:35
9323Paul DickensHyde Park HarriersThe Long One50:00:08
10398Matt BrignellThe Long One51:41:30
11392Sarah Sadler SmithThe Long One51:41:50
12500ClaireKirkstall HarriersThe Long One51:44:02
13313Adam EllisAbbey RunnersThe Long One52:30:37
14341D WardThe Long One54:47:16
15446Jason HainesThe Long One57:21:21
16453Colin JohnstoneUKRunChat Running ClubThe Long One57:27:11
17312Howard BednarekFarsley FlyersThe Long One59:20:31
18470Matthew ManleyRoundhay RunnersThe Long One1:00:40:41
19380Daniella HembraChapel Allerton RunnersThe Long One1:02:20:72
20340Emily FewtrellFarsley FlyersThe Long One1:02:40:90
21333Carol NewtonFarsley FlyersThe Long One1:02:41:77
22485Steph TaylorThe Long One1:02:43:74
23481Laura SmithThe Long One1:06:40:85
24476Emily FullartonThe Long One1:07:04:52
25477Faith ChrispThe Long One1:07:05:50
26386Craig BreslinThe Long One1:07:41:67
27387Jenny CraddockThe Long One1:07:44:52
28454Keith JohnstoneSouth Leeds LakersThe Long One1:08:00:21
29425Eve RobinsonLeeds FrontrunnersThe Long One1:10:58:82

Organised by

Adam Nodwell