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Burton Leonard 2k Junior Race 2024 Results

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Pos.BibNameClubGender RankCategoryCategory RankNet TimeGun TimeShare
1244Charlie ThorpeHarrogate Harriers & AC1/31 [M]School Years 7-81/609:0509:05
2226Barnaby Caswell2/31 [M]School Years 2-41/2010:4410:45
3221Ben Quine3/31 [M]School Years 7-82/611:0411:04
4245William Thorpe4/31 [M]School Years 2-42/2011:1211:13
5240Ellis Roberts5/31 [M]School Years 5-61/411:1411:16
6229Fraser DobinsonNidd Valley Road Runners6/31 [M]School Years 7-83/611:1611:16
7233Charlie Kneeshaw7/31 [M]School Years 9-111/111:2011:21
8201Daniel AlcockRipon Runners8/31 [M]School Years 2-43/2011:2711:27
9223Lily AspinNidd Valley Road Runners1/19 [F]School Years 7-81/411:3311:35
10161N.n. 1611/1 []1/111:4411:45
11211Teddy Hawkes9/31 [M]School Years 2-44/2011:4711:48
12237Sophie Mudd-Bowes2/19 [F]School Years 7-82/411:5011:52
13216Annabelle LodhNidd Valley Road Runners3/19 [F]School Years 5-61/512:0512:06
14247Toby Robinson10/31 [M]School Years 5-62/412:3012:30
15215Holly Kinsell4/19 [F]School Years 5-62/512:3712:37
16208Alice Forsythe5/19 [F]School Years 2-41/1012:3912:39
17214George Kinsell11/31 [M]School Years 2-45/2012:4212:42
18162Martin Cummings12/31 [M]School Years 5-63/413:0513:07
19210Harry Hawkes13/31 [M]School Years 2-46/2013:0713:08
20228Owen DartNidd Valley Road Runners14/31 [M]School Years 7-84/613:1013:11
21232Rafe Kirby15/31 [M]School Years 2-47/2013:2613:28
22235Hugo Lambley16/31 [M]School Years 2-48/2013:2813:29
23241Fletcher Roberts17/31 [M]School Years 2-49/2013:2713:29
24248Noah Yates18/31 [M]School Years 2-410/2013:4013:41
25220Sophie Norman6/19 [F]School Years 2-42/1014:0614:08
26238Annabelle Phillips7/19 [F]School Years 5-63/514:1014:10
27213Bethany Kinsell8/19 [F]School Years 7-83/414:0914:10
28202Franklyn Bensley19/31 [M]School Years 7-85/614:1614:19
29230Laurie FaceyNidd Valley Road Runners20/31 [M]School Years 2-411/2014:1714:20
30249Lewis Plowright21/31 [M]School Years 2-412/2014:1814:20
31205Myla Clarke9/19 [F]School Years 2-43/1014:2014:20
32222Eva AnwylNidd Valley Road Runners10/19 [F]School Years 7-84/414:2014:22
33236Preston Minto22/31 [M]School Years 7-86/614:2914:30
34243Thomas Seymour23/31 [M]School Years 2-413/2014:4614:47
35242Isla Seymour11/19 [F]School Years 2-44/1014:4714:47
36218Phoebe Lodh12/19 [F]School Years 2-45/1014:5014:51
37246Jessica WebsterNidd Valley Road Runners13/19 [F]School Years 5-64/515:0315:04
38227Freya DartNidd Valley Road Runners14/19 [F]School Years 5-65/515:0315:05
39219Isla Mellor15/19 [F]School Years 2-46/1015:1215:14
40217Imogen Lodh16/19 [F]School Years 2-47/1015:2415:25
41203Lilac Bensley17/19 [F]School Years 2-48/1015:2815:31
42234Emily Lamb18/19 [F]School Years 2-49/1015:3715:41
43212Josh Keely24/31 [M]School Years 2-414/2015:4315:44
44204Samuel Brook25/31 [M]School Years 5-64/415:5315:55
45225Alex Caswell26/31 [M]School Years 2-415/2015:5615:57
46231Arlo John27/31 [M]School Years 2-416/2015:5715:57
47206Herbert Dyke28/31 [M]School Years 2-417/2016:4416:47
48164Rupert Dyke29/31 [M]School Years 2-418/2017:0117:04
49224Ralph Bothamley30/31 [M]School Years 2-419/2017:0717:08
50207Beatrice Eaglen19/19 [F]School Years 2-410/1018:4018:42
51239William Phillips31/31 [M]School Years 2-420/2022:1222:12

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8 Peter Lane
Burton Leonard

Mike Crawshaw