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Hardmoors Princess Challenge 2017 Results

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Pos.PositionBib NameNameRaceCategory TimeTimeShare
1132Mick MonkmanShort 'n' Sweet1st M01:16:02
2122Mark HarneyShort 'n' Sweet2nd M01:26:23
3136Juliette PilgrimShort 'n' Sweet1st F01:32:07
4110Dave CookShort 'n' Sweet3rd M01:33:00
5123Paul HaydonShort 'n' Sweet01:41:53
6142Celine RuzeShort 'n' Sweet2nd F01:44:29
7120Janie GuilbertShort 'n' Sweet3rd F01:44:53
8107Ellen ClaphamShort 'n' Sweet01:45:50
9148Hazel WrightShort 'n' Sweet01:45:52
10105Michelle BoshierShort 'n' Sweet01:50:08
11121Anna HardyShort 'n' Sweet01:50:08
12127Stuart KingShort 'n' Sweet01:54:52
13108Helen ClarkShort 'n' Sweet01:55:05
14125Lee InnesShort 'n' Sweet01:56:13
15126Emma JacksonShort 'n' Sweet01:56:19
16135Helen PattersonShort 'n' Sweet01:57:22
17129Nathan MarshallShort 'n' Sweet02:00:02
18128Joanne MarshallShort 'n' Sweet02:00:08
19109Andrea ClyburnShort 'n' Sweet02:00:25
20143Alex StephensonShort 'n' Sweet02:00:50
21147Rebecca WrightShort 'n' Sweet02:00:50
22118Karen GeldartShort 'n' Sweet02:04:53
23119Laura GrundyShort 'n' Sweet02:06:52
24124Natalie HodgsonShort 'n' Sweet02:12:15
25145Zoe WallsShort 'n' Sweet02:12:15
26139Heather RileyShort 'n' Sweet02:20:08
27140Chloe RileyShort 'n' Sweet02:20:08
28102Ben BeaumontShort 'n' Sweet02:22:30
29101Emily BeaumontShort 'n' Sweet02:22:32
30144Amy ThomsonShort 'n' Sweet02:27:13
31106John BoyesShort 'n' Sweet02:28:36
32116Sara EmeryShort 'n' Sweet02:28:38
33141Hilary RodgersonShort 'n' Sweet02:29:20
34146Angela WoodShort 'n' Sweet02:29:20
35137Clare PitchfordShort 'n' Sweet02:29:51
36114Karen DoveShort 'n' Sweet02:29:59
37138Sara PorleyShort 'n' Sweet02:31:09
38149Catherine YorkShort 'n' Sweet02:31:09
39115Lisa EdwardsShort 'n' Sweet02:35:58
40117Gayle FosterShort 'n' Sweet02:36:10
41103Victoria BellShort 'n' Sweet02:56:19
42100Claire BarnesShort 'n' Sweet03:09:19
43134Susie NicholsonShort 'n' Sweet03:09:19
44112Claire DayShort 'n' Sweet03:10:01
45133Ann NicholsonShort 'n' Sweet03:10:01
46111Elizabeth CremerShort 'n' Sweet03:10:19
47130Abi MatsonShort 'n' Sweet03:12:20
48131Andrea MatsonShort 'n' Sweet03:12:20
sweepKelly BrearleyShort 'n' Sweet03:13:00
sweepCindy MusgroveShort 'n' Sweet03:13:00
152Andrew JacksonThe One in the Middle1st M02:30:32
249Darren GeeThe One in the Middle2nd M02:38:43
380Stewart TindaleThe One in the Middle3rd M02:51:38
472Victoria ShiptonThe One in the Middle1st F03:00:33
564Kimberley ReeveThe One in the Middle2nd F03:00:49
674Emma SimmonsThe One in the Middle3rd F03:02:58
777Paul SmithThe One in the Middle03:02:59
881Andrew VernonThe One in the Middle03:11:54
956Robert massonThe One in the Middle03:19:21
1054Jennifer LongThe One in the Middle03:22:19
1186Scott BeaumontThe One in the Middle03:25:53
1250Steve GibsonThe One in the Middle03:28:01
1344Brian CutmoreThe One in the Middle03:28:20
1470David SeniorThe One in the Middle03:32:34
1569Kim SeniorThe One in the Middle03:32:45
1673Sarah ShortThe One in the Middle03:35:04
1742Michelle CairnsThe One in the Middle03:36:21
1824Catherine MoranThe One in the Middle03:46:23
1945Angela Di BenedettoThe One in the Middle03:46:23
2061Gareth PennellThe One in the Middle03:46:44
2175Lucy SmithThe One in the Middle03:47:16
2276Edward SmithThe One in the Middle03:47:16
236Pamela CostelloThe One in the Middle03:49:14
2471Harriet ShieldsThe One in the Middle03:49:55
2562Sarah PennockThe One in the Middle03:56:40
2651Kate JacksonThe One in the Middle03:59:42
2747Heather FarrowThe One in the Middle04:06:29
2857Clare MawreyThe One in the Middle04:06:29
2959Paul MunsterThe One in the Middle04:06:39
3079Jenny StorrieThe One in the Middle04:06:49
3183Amanda Welburn-SmithThe One in the Middle04:06:58
3215Philly HareThe One in the Middle04:13:49
3355Deborah MannThe One in the Middle04:15:08
3460Sean O'BrienThe One in the Middle04:15:40
3525Penny OuthwaiteThe One in the Middle04:16:18
3682Sarah WatsonThe One in the Middle04:16:30
3766Mark RobinsonThe One in the Middle04:18:33
3887Lisa BakerThe One in the Middle04:19:36
3967Alison RoddaThe One in the Middle04:21:08
4043Joanne CutmoreThe One in the Middle04:23:08
4158Natalie MooreThe One in the Middle04:44:08
4265Sarah RobertsThe One in the Middle04:44:08
4340Kimberley HoughThe One in the Middle04:53:01
4463Rebecca QuinnThe One in the Middle04:53:01
4553Ruth LambleyThe One in the Middle04:54:28
4641Mary ButterworthThe One in the Middle04:54:30
4746Sue EdwardsThe One in the Middle04:56:09
4884Fiona WoodThe One in the Middle04:56:09
sweepJen BuckThe One in the Middle04:56:00
sweepJonathon DoddsThe One in the Middle04:56:00
sweepRod CollierThe One in the Middle04:56:00
120Stephen KirkThe Ultra1st M05:16:52
222Rodger MartinThe Ultra2nd M05:16:58
32Claire BakerThe Ultra1st F05:38:10
427Kenny RaeThe Ultra3rd M06:02:07
518Alan JohnsonThe Ultra06:26:09
632Sarah TaylorThe Ultra2nd F06:26:09
719Peter KiddThe Ultra06:27:37
87Neil DayThe Ultra06:38:20
926Andy PickeringThe Ultra06:38:20
1012Eric GreenThe Ultra06:43:36
1134Jayne WetherleyThe Ultra3rd F06:52:36
1231Kathryn SygroveThe Ultra07:06:30
1316Michelle HoughtonThe Ultra07:09:12
1413Andy GreenerThe Ultra07:23:58
1514Jonathan HamillThe Ultra07:23:58
168Katherine DoddThe Ultra07:33:26
174Claire BerryThe Ultra07:33:35
181Joanne AbbottThe Ultra07:49:12
1917Maria JennisonThe Ultra07:49:12
2036Paula WilsonThe Ultra07:49:12
215Gary CartwrightThe Ultra08:03:22
2235Emma WilliamsThe Ultra08:46:16
2330Leisa SmithThe Ultra08:46:36
243Jade BarracloughThe Ultra09:07:25
259Christine FarnsworthThe Ultra09:11:25
2633Margaret ThompsonThe Ultra09:11:40
2729Penny SkiltonThe Ultra09:24:10
28sweepJames CampbellThe Ultra09:24:15
29sweepJoe WilliamsThe Ultra09:24:15

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