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Fountains 10k - A Runners Review

My First Fountains 10k

Well after a not too bad recovery week post-Geneva, keeping the runs nice and easy, I had a nice Saturday off for a bit of rest. Sunday was to be my first experience of the 'Hill of Pain' at the Fountains 10k which is a running event which I would describe as multi-terrain. It is an annual run which is located about 15 minutes drive from the historic Fountains Abbey. The start/finish is located in Grantley village near the very good Grantley Arms and uses the primary school grass field for its finish. The event is well organized by a team of very experienced volunteers headed by Mark Reed the race director who’s been making this run happen for a number of years, and has managed to raise an incredible amount of money for charity.

As I arrived at Grantley I was directed to the parking area. I then got myself to the registration point which was a hall with loads of runners milling round putting on race numbers and catching up with friends. I got my number, pinned it onto my top and went out into the sunshine, walking through loads of runners with all their different coloured tops. I found a group of Quakers which is my running team who were getting ready to have a picture taken by Karen Harland who you will find at most of the northern events giving her time to take pictures for everyone. Most of the pictures I use with my Quakers top are taken by Karen. We had our picture taken and made our way to the start.

The race director thanked everyone for coming, a big round of applause, then we were off down a small road. Next onto a farm track, and then 2-3 km down to the 'Puddle' which is full of mud. Most people dodged round it! We climbed a grass bank which was hard! I asked another runner if this was the 'Hill of Pain' but it wasn’t, this I was told was just a small one! We carried on more country tracks with some nice views before hitting tarmac again. Nice level ground so I can get my heart rate back down for a bit. I remember seeing the 8km marker, dropping down a hill and seeing a big red sign with “Hill of Pain”! The hill seemed to go up in two stages. It was very steep then went up even steeper and round to the left. That was a tough hill to have at the end of a 10k. We made it back to Grantley village and was directed to complete one lap round the grass field to the finish.

All done! I’m happy but totally knackered! Mark Reed was there to say well done to every runner! We passed through the marquee to pick up our finishers pack which was very good including a nice t-shirt! I liked this run very much and I will definitely be back next year. I would definitely suggest you give it a go…

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