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Medical Cover - 3 Simple Checks

How do I ensure my medical cover is safe?

A good question, and one we get asked about regularly.

The world of first aid and medical companies is a minefield for those that understand how it works; if you don’t have that experience it can be a very stressful time.

Here are three things to consider when selecting your medical provider:

  1. Is the provider CQC registered? ALWAYS use a company registered with the Care Quality Commission. Unfortunately it is not compulsory for private medical companies to be registered with the CQC. This opens the industry to rogue providers setting up, undercutting competitors and attending events. This means there is no governance or checks to ensure the medical team are who they say they are, trained to the level they should be and equipped appropriate to the event. CQC registered companies will at some point be scrutinised thoroughly by a number of inspectors during visits to their premises. They are very thorough and include policies, equipment, medicine management and vehicle inspections. All elements are based on 5 main key lines of enquiry – safe, effective, responsive, caring and well-led. After an inspection a report is compiled (and can make very interesting reading); it’s always worth reading the latest report. Although they may be registered they may not have a good report, highlighting areas to improve on as well as what the company does well. More details, including the names providers registered with them can be found on their website https://www.cqc.org.uk

  2. Does the company have experience with this type of event? It goes without saying experience is important. This is just as essential with these types of events. From knowing the number of medical staff required, where to situate them during the race and how they are to reach a critically ill or injured patient within a few minutes can be the matter of life and death.

  3. What reviews has the company had? Nearly every medical provider has received feedback and reviews at some point. This may be on their website or Facebook page. They may also be on a variety of business directories. Do a good internet search before booking. Don’t forget, it’s your event and reputation at risk if the medical team is not very good.

More information can be found about Vie Medic Services Ltd at https://www.viemedic.co.uk/