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Chase The Hare 5K Handicap


31 Jul 2020

Wherever You Want
From: Any time!
To: 31 Jul 2020
Distance: 5 Kilometres
Entry Fee: £5.00 - £20.00

Are you the tortoise that beats the hare?

Chase The Hare is a short 5K series with a difference. It’s a handicap race where Hare (who really is the slowest as Tortoise well knows) starts first and you start after, with a handicap time based upon your predicted time. Enter the race and give us evidence of a 5K time recorded in the last 6 months, like a parkrun or an EvenSplits 5K. If you participated in the Virtual 5K series, we will assign you an average of your 6 best times. We’ll call this your Tortoise Time. Before the first race (i.e. before 4th July) we’ll create a starting line up with Hare at the top (with a handicap of 00:00) and the fastest Tortoise Time at the bottom. We predict Hare will take 60 minutes to run 5K (he likes a break on the way round a bit like Ross Barkley!). If your Tortoise Time is 35 minutes then you’ll start with a handicap of 25 minutes. Or if your Tortoise Time is 20 minutes then you’ll start with a handicap of 40 minutes. At the end of Week 1 your result plus your handicap will be published as your gross time. The lowest gross time will be first. And so on for weeks 2-4. The final results will be the total of your 3 best times plus your 3 x your handicap time (equal to Hare Time minus your Tortoise Time). Each week, over 4 weeks, run 5K anywhere you like (safely and within government physical distancing guidelines) and then submit your best 5K time and the date you ran using the SUBMIT A TIME button here http://www.evensplits.events/chasethehare. We'll then generate results and a leader board, where your best 3 times over the 4 weeks will qualify for prizes. And while you're at it, why not join the Alone, Together Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/runalonestandtogether) to share your training stories, pics and videos.


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PO Box 577
BD21 9FL
Martin Browne
0113 831 3139


5 Kilometres
Entry limit:
Remaining places:
Not suitable for wheelchairs


    • No water stations
    • No distance markers
    • No toilets
    • No changing facilities
    • No showers
    • No baggage store
    Race HQ:

    By entering the event, you understand and agree that you are taking part at your own risk and that no liability whatsoever shall attach to the event organiser, or any person involved in the event organisation, for any injury, accidents, fatality, illness, loss or damage suffered by you in, or by reason of the event, however such may be caused. You understand fully that taking part in events on the public highway is not without risk and your safety is your responsibility. You also understand and agree to keep to government guidelines for the Covid-19 pandemic and specifically those relating to physical distancing.

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