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Rainbow 5K


23 Jan 2021

From: 23 Jan 2021
To: 23 Jan 2021
Distance: 5 Kilometres
Entry Fee: £8.00

On Saturday 23rd January, we are inviting you to run, walk, cycle, swim, dance (whatever you like) 5K in the most colourful clothing you own. All in aid of a special little girl called Zara Watkins. Last year, Zara was diagnosed with an incredibly rare genetic condition called Coffin-Sirus Syndrome. CSS effects the whole of the Central Nervous System, meaning that for every new milestone (sitting, standing) Zara has to work incredibly hard and with specialist support. Zara is frequently poorly, as the CSS also causes problems with her brain (epilepsy), bladder (frequent infections) and spine (mild scoliosis) which of course often cause set backs too. She also has great difficulty in digesting her food and often has periods of low weight and no energy. Despite these many challenges, Zara is full of determination to reach her goals. With intervention, 80% of CSS children can walk by the age if seven. This is a challenging goal for Zara as she is also on the more severe end of CSS, but we’re still going to give it everything we’ve got! Currently, Zara has specialist physiotherapy once a week for one hour with PTKids UK. It helps enormously with her development but also in building her own confidence, independance and sense of herself. We would like to up this to two hours and would love it if you could help support this. Zara has been through so much in her little life and still manages, effortlessly, to bring huge joy to everyone she meets. For those who don’t know gorgeous 5 year old Zara, she is the daughter of Catherine and Steve. These two wonderful people have done so much for the local community, including starting up parkrun in Myrtle Park, and campaigning for disabled facilities in the local area. So now it’s our chance to give back to their family. Of course there will be medals for all participants. You can submit you results via the Facebook event page or drop us an email.


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5 Kilometres
Entry limit:
Remaining places:
Suitable for wheelchairs


    • No water stations
    • No distance markers
    • No toilets
    • No changing facilities
    • No showers
    • No baggage store

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