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Sugarwell Hill Runble

18 May 2024

Leeds, West Yorkshire
Starts: 15:00
Distance: 1-10 Reps of 1.2km
Entry Fee: £0 - £32.00
Every Runner For Themselves!

Introducing the Hill Runble!

A race anyone with stamina, pacing and a bit of good luck can win! Will you be drawn into the first round and be required to take on 10 reps? or will you be drawn in the 10th round and only need to run one rep against your tired opponents? HOW IT WORKS The Hill Rep Runble consists of 10 Rounds Each Round is a race up to the top of the hill and back down again (1.4km w/50m elevation) At the beginning of the race 10% of the entrants will be selected at random and will enter the race. All entrants will run to the top of the hill and back down again, the runners (of each gender) who cross the finish line last will be eliminated. Then another 10% of the entrants will be added to the race, and the last finishers of that round will be eliminated. This will continue for 10 rounds. The first finisher in the last round is the winner of the race. The max time limit for a round is 10 minutes, any runner who takes longer than 10 minutes will be automatically eliminated, runners may also drop out of the race if they wish. More and more runners will enter the race, and more runners will be eliminated after each round. Once a runner has been entered into the race they must compete in every following round. The later the round you are drawn in the better chance you have of winning. The race organiser decides how many are are added / eliminated per round, and the race organiser may give handicaps or forfeits to runners (however these will be picked at random.) Total race time approx 2.5 hours. Pacing is important, however, runners who finish a round quicker will have more time to recover in between rounds. When your number is drawn you must enter the race, the organiser will draw numbers shortly after each round has started. Numbers are drawn at random once a group of runners already drawn have set off meaning you have approximately 10 minutes notice.


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1-10 Reps of 1.2km
Entry limit:
Remaining places:
Not suitable for wheelchairs


  • Water stations
  • Toilets
  • Changing facilities
  • Baggage store
  • No distance markers
  • No showers
Race HQ:
North Brewery, Springwell Works, Buslingthorpe Ln, Leeds LS7 2DF

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