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A collection of updates and articles to help runners and race organisers get better at what they do. From timing to tendonitis and fartlek to finishing funnels we try to bring useful information that is relevent to all in the running community.

Virtual but still real

Martin Browne 04-11-2020

Whilst 2020 has been the year of COVID cancellations, it has also been the year of virtual racing.

Medical Cover - 3 Simple Checks

Paul Holmes 24-06-2019

How do I ensure my medical cover is safe?

Fountains 10k - A Runners Review

Lloyd Ashby 26-05-2019

My First Fountains 10k

Never go to Egypt!

Stu Clark 21-04-2019

The balance between rest and training...

Why get a licence? Does it include public liability insurance?

Mark Reed 06-04-2019

Should I get my race licenced through Run Britain?

System Changes March 2019

Phill Luby 01-04-2019

Recent changes to the RaceBest website.

System Changes February 2019

Phill Luby 01-03-2019

Recent changes to the RaceBest website.

Did you know?

Martin Browne 01-02-2019

Use RaceBest's email tools to keep your entrants up to date

The Hardest Run of the Week.

Mark Reed

It isn't the intervals!